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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Product Description

  • USB External Enclosure/Case for any 3 1/2" HDD UDMA 33/66/100
  • Top quality external enclosure with non-compromising performance.
  • Outperforming other Chipsets by as much much as 25%.
  • This is not the cheapest enclosure on the market, but it is the FASTEST.
  • Our enclosure is the only choice if you are looking for stability under Windows Millennium or 2000.(NO DRIVERS REQUIRED)
  • Real Life Test Results: Transfering 1.42GB of Data onto a BusLink USB 20GB Drive under Win98 Time To Complete Task: 50Min. & 2 Seconds Our Enclosure With Maxtor 5400RPM 20GB Drive Installed 41 Min &11 Sec.

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