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Cat5 DVI-D Extender CAT 5 DVI Extender, 50 meter (160 feet)

Cat5 DVI-D Extender CAT 5 DVI Extender,  50 meter (160 feet)

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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Product Description

50 meter (160 feet) 1. Extend DVI-D signal over Cat5e/6(UTP 24AWG) cable. 2. Video Bandwidth: 1.65Gbps 3. Video signal type: DVI-D single link 4. Max. Resolution/Distance: 1280x1024/50M, 1920x1200/30M 5. DVI-D to RJ45 transmitter (DAS-101T) at PC or DVI output device to transmit the DVI-D signal to Cat5e/6 cable dvi extender by cablemax up to 160feet>   Installation:  1. Please turn off the DVI-D output device and DVI-D displays.  2. Plug in the DVI-D to RJ45 Transmitter (DAS-101T) to DVI-D display. Turn on the display. When orange LED lights, turn off the monitor. Then disconnect.  3. Plug in the DAS-101T to DVI out port of DVI-D output device. Use Cat5e/6 cable (1:1 pin-out), plug in one end to RJ45 port of DAS-101T and plug in another end to “SYSTEM LINK” port of Cat5 DVI-D receiver (DAS-101R). Connect “DVI OUT” port of DAS-101R to DVI display by standard DVI cable.  4. Connect the DC 9V power adapter to DAS-101R. Then turn on the DVI display and DVI output device.  5. The “Auto” LED indicates automatic tuning mode. If the video on screen is not correct in automatic tuning mode, tune the VR clockwise until the “Auto” LED turns off. Then tune the VR slowly and carefully until the video can be displayed  properly.  6. The orange LED of RJ45 jacks indicates powered and the green LED indicates an active DVI-D video signal. Remarks:  1. Please read this manual carefully before installing the extender.  2. Please use high quality 24AWG CERTIFIED Cat5e/6 and QUALITY DVI cables for optimum operation. Cat6 cable is better than Cat5e cable. If there is Electric Magnetic Interference, use FTP or SSTP cable to improve.  3. One year limited warranty.  Trademarks: All the companies, brand names and product names referred to this manual are the trademarks or registered trademarks belonging to their respective companies. 
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Cat5 DVI-D Extender CAT 5 DVI Extender, 50 meter (160 feet)

Cat5 DVI-D Extender CAT 5 DVI Extender,  50 meter (160 feet) - Image A