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***BLOWOUT Auto 2 to 1 HDMI Switch HDMI-A2 / Two Port Auto HDM Switch

***BLOWOUT  Auto 2 to 1 HDMI Switch HDMI-A2 /  Two Port Auto HDM Switch

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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

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Mini auto HDMI selector 2x1 œ Specifications Download œ Catalogue Download œ Packing Download Installation Diagram: More products from this category Description: mini auto HDMI selector 2x1 Model No: HDMI-A2 How It Works: This mini auto HDMI selector allows auto detecting and switching from any 2 HDMI sources to a LCD/Plasma TV or HD projector with one HDMI input without the loss of image quality. The last input source would be selected automatically if there is more than one HDMI signal input. No battery or external power is needed. Plug and play. Always be ready. Key Specification / Special Features: œ Super mini ( 56 CC ) œ Fully automatic; no any control button needed œ No need to disconnect and reconnect sources; every thing is ready œ Automatic input signal detects and selection capability œ Maintains the highest digital audio and video signals œ Supports all HD video formats up to 1080p with HDCP compliant œ Intuitive LED indicator for the active digital video input source œ Very low power consumption; no voltage drop œ No battery or external power needed ( powered by the HDMI sources ) œ Perfect home HD theatre integration œ Input connector : 2x1 HDMI 19 pins A-type female œ Output connector : 1x1 HDMI 19 pins A-type female œ Wide bandwidth : up to 1.9 Gbps œ ESD protection : +/-14KV ( human body mode ) œ Weight of unit : 32g œ Dimensions : 60 x 55 x 17 mm ( LxWxH ) œ Operation temperature : -10‹C ~ +40‹C Applications: œ Any two ( 2 ) HDMI compatible sources to one ( 1 ) HDMI compatible display, where Source : HDMI compliant DVD, HD-DVD/Blu-Ray DVD, HD STB, Xbox360, PS3, PC, HD Camcorder Display: HDMI compliant LCD/Plasma TV receiver, HD projector

***BLOWOUT Auto 2 to 1 HDMI Switch HDMI-A2 / Two Port Auto HDM Switch

***BLOWOUT  Auto 2 to 1 HDMI Switch HDMI-A2 /  Two Port Auto HDM Switch - Image A