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eSATA ExpressCards 2-port eSATA ExpressCard for MAC and PC

eSATA ExpressCards 2-port eSATA ExpressCard for MAC and PC

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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Product Description

First MacBook Pro and Windows compatible eSATA ExpressCard that supports SATA Port Multipliers! MAC AND WINDOWS DRIVERS PROVIDED for this Express Card 34mm Dual Port eSATA 300mbps Card. Dual LED Port and Easy to use Drivers for MAC OS X.4.x RoHS eSATA T-EC2S 2-port eSATA ExpressCard/34 Complies with ExpressCard/34 module requirement Conforms to one-lane 2.5Gbps PCI Express specification Delivers SATA II transfer rate up to 3.0 Gb/s Supports SATA 1.0 specification with backward compatibility Speeds data transfer with two independent SATA channels Supports SATA II port multipliers Connects to host by plug-n-play Extends SATA port with hot plug support Connects any O’TOSTORE eSATA model enclosure T-EC2S 2-port eSATA ExpressCard/34 1.5GHZ of faster CPU 512MB of RAM Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, XP x64, 2003, 2003 x64, Vista, or Vista x64 One ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 slot Macintosh Intel Core Duo Processor or Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 512MB or RAM Mac OS X 10.4 or higher One ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 slot express card slot 34mm for mac and pc>  2-port  eSATA ExpressCard/34  External SATA HDD users will cheer the introduction of two  ports Express-  Card, new O’TOLINK T-EC2S host adapters. The  O’TOLINK  ExpressCard host adapters support a single-lane 2.5Gb/s  PCI Express bus  and the SATA II transfer rate of 3.0 Gb/s, bridging the  connection to eSATA  devices and delivering dramatic speed increases over USB  2.0 and FireWire.  Point to point SATA connection, by eliminating conversion  of the eSATA  signal to a second interface, unlocks the full potential of SATA II data transfer  speed when used, for example, with O’TOSTORE eSATA HDD  enclosures. Model  Description  Module  Extended Connection  Data Transfer Rate  LED  Dimension  Weight PC  Mac  ExpressCard/34 module 2 x eSATA ports  eSATA: 300MBps  Access  111.5 x 34 x 21 mm  35g    Mac OS. 
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eSATA ExpressCards 2-port eSATA ExpressCard for MAC and PC

eSATA ExpressCards 2-port eSATA ExpressCard for MAC and PC - Image A