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USB to DB9 RS232 Serial Adapter for Windows XP and VISTA

USB to DB9 RS232 Serial Adapter for Windows XP and VISTA

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 USB serial Adapter
Part Number: P9-232-RS
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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Product Description

1-9 $15.98 10-19 $14.34 20+ $9.98 VISTA READY!


Product Description

This cable converts USB signals toRS-232 serial signals to USB, allowing serial devices such as modems and POS systems to work in a USB environment. In situations where serial devices must be connected to the PC host, this cable allows the devices to connect to the PC\'s USB port, freeing the few COM ports available on your PC for use in other applications like data acquisition, PLC monitoring and instrument control.

Product Specifications 

  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) Rev. 1.1 compliant
  • Supports RS-232 serial interface
  • Over 1mbps data transfer rate
  • Supports remote wake-up and power management

Chip set : PL2303

System Requirements
  • IBM compatible 486DX4-100 MHz or higher
  • Available USB port
  • Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Y-105: Introduction: This USB Serial Adapter is designed to make serial port expansion quick and simple. Connecting to a USB port on your computer or USB hub, this USB Serial Adapter instantly adds a serial communication port to your system with easy plug-and-play and hot-plug features. Plugging the USB Serial Adapter into the USB port, the adapter is automatically detected and installed. There is no IRQ & COM port conflicts, since the port doesn\'t require any additional IRQ, DMA or memory on the system. The RS-232 serial port functions as a native Windows COM port, and it is compatible with Windows serial communication applications. This USB Serial Adapter provides instant connectivity to any RS-232 communication device. Specifications & Features: Adds a high speed RS-232 serial port via a USB 1.1 or 2.0 connection 384 byte receive buffer. 128 byte transmit buffer for high speed data throughput. Requires no IRQ, DMA or I/O port. Data rate speed range: 300 bps to 230,400 bps Serial Connector: DB-9 male connector with screw downs RS-232 data signals: DCD, RxD, TxD, DTR, GND, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI. Uses a Prolific brand chipset. Cable Length is approximately 5 feet. Virtual COM port drivers provided for Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and MAC OS8 & later. Package Contents: USB to RS232 serial adapter CD-ROM disc with drivers 1-9 $15.98 10-19 $14.34 20+ $9.98

USB to DB9 RS232 Serial Adapter for Windows XP and VISTA

USB to DB9 RS232 Serial Adapter for Windows XP and VISTA - Image A