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USB2.0+1394a Combo ExpressCard 34mm for New Laptops

USB2.0+1394a Combo ExpressCard 34mm for New Laptops

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Manufacturer: CABLEMAX
Barcode: 729440692070
Part Number: SS-AU2F1
Warranty: One Year
In Stock: Yes
Ship Weight: 1 lbs.
COLOR Silver

Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher
Item Works with Windows ME Item Works with Windows 2000

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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Product Description

SS-AU2F1 USB2.0+1394a Combo Express Card/34

  • Fully ExpressCard Standard 1.0 Compliant
  • ExpressCard/34 Form Factor, 250Mbytes/sec
  • TI OHCI-Lynx Chip built-in
  • FireWire Speed up to 400Mbps (=50MB/S)
  • 2 external IEEE1394 connectors
  • USB2.0 Speed up to 480Mbps (=60MB/S)
  • 1 USB2.0 Type-A Connector
  • 1 Input DC-Jack to Supply 1394 Bus Power
  • Supports ¡§hot swapping¡¨ and ¡§plug-and-play¡¨
  • Optional DV Software KIT bundled
  • Supports Notebook PC and Mac



The SS-AU2F1 USB2.0 and IEEE1394a Combo ExpressCard provides a reliable solution for Notebook PC computers to connect to IEEE1394a(FireWire) and USB2.0 peripherals over the new industrial ExpressCard slot.

With its built-in IEEE 1394 OHCI controller chip, the SS-AU2F1 provides bus master function data transfer between ExpressCard and IEEE1394 buses.

The multiple USB2.0 connection architecture supports concurrent operation of up to 127 physical USB devices while maintaining top speeds (480/12/1.5Mbps). It is an ideal technology for external storage devices, digital cameras, webcams, scanners, and much more.

The USB2.0 and IEEE 1394a combo function support many popular devices, including digital video camcorders, hard disks, CD-R, CD-RW, and high-resolution color printers. With its complete hardware and OS supports, the SS-AU2F1 provides a true high performance I/O solution for users are demanding the USB2.0 and IEEE1394a consumer and professional devices.



For x1 ExpressCard NoteBook PC Systems


ExpressCard Interface

Fully ExpressCard 1.0 compliant.

USB2.0 and IEEE1394a FireWire Ports

The SS-AU2F1 provides 2 IEEE1394a ports and 1 USB2.0 port, it supports up to 63 devices and 127 USB2.0 devices:

IEEE 1394a:

  • Fully Interoperable with FireWire Implementation of IEEE 1394-1995
  • Hot swapping¡¨ to connect/disconnect devices without turning off the computer
  • Guarantees data transfer through the use of isochronous transport of multiple time-critical data stream USB2.0:
  • Compliant with USB2.0 ECHI and USB1.1 OHCI standards
  • Integrates seamlessly with other USB devices and HUB-based products Data Transfer Rate
  • Up to 250MB/S (2.5Gbps) ExpressCard Burst Rate
  • 400Mbps IEEE1394 FireWire Transfer Rate
  • 480Mbps USB2.0 Transfer Rate USB2.0 and IEEE1394a Devices

Supports up to 63 IEEE1394 devices and 127 USB2.0 devices, including hard drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Desktop Digital cameras, digital VCRs, high resolution color printers, scanners, Video Cable Set-Top Boxes, and more.

  • Two 6-pin IEEE1394 connectors
  • One DC-Jack Input Connector to connect an DC+12V AC adapter for IEEE 1394 Bus Power Software Optional Software for Digital Camcorder OS Support Supports Windows 98SE, ME, XP and Windows 2000, Vista Form Factor 4.58" x 1.39 x 0.77 (11.65cm x 3.40 x1.95)
Important Technical Information:
Supports Notebook PC and Mac EXPRESSCARD firewire and USB 2.0

USB2.0+1394a Combo ExpressCard 34mm for New Laptops

USB2.0+1394a Combo ExpressCard 34mm for New Laptops - Image A