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4-Channel SATA II MultiLane PCI Bracket
4-channel SATA PCI Bracket Backplane, supporting an InfiniBand 4X multilane connector compatible with 3Ware" 8506-xxMI series multilane RAID HBA.
Part No. CGS-4ML4X1 | View Details
USB 3.0 / 2.0 to IDE/SATA adapter with Write-Protection
Supporting a USB 3.0 design with speeds of up to 5Gbps. Supports SATA 3G drives with speeds up to 3Gbps Supports ATA100 IDE drives with speeds up to 1Gbps Write-Protect mode automatically reports the drive as un-writable to any computer it is plugged into.
Part No. SS-127ASD | View Details
Mini SAS Host PCI Adapter Bracket SFF-8087-SFF-8088 36Hx2-26TX2
Point-to-point serial protocol that replaces the parallel SCSI bus technology that first appeared in the mid 1980s in corporate data centers, and uses the standard SCSI command set. The Mini SAS (iSAS) is the newest generation of SAS standard with the smaller connector design and better locking mechanism to save space and insure reliable connection
Part No. MX-PRO0H2 | View Details
SATA Power and DATA Cable 22-Pin Molded Connector
SATA Power and DATA Cable 22-Pin Molded Connector 5 inch Power and 18 inch DATA SATA II 3Gbps Hi-Speed Tested and Certified
Part No. 518SS | View Details
SATA and IDE Hard Drive & Optical Drive USB Adapter Kit COMBO: Limited Edition Pro Series Aluminum Shell Version of this Adapter
Model No. USBG-PSATA Interface Serial ATA ; IDE ; USB2.0 Data Transfer Rate Transfer rate available for 480Mb/s Suitability 2.5", 3.5" ,5.25" Devices Hot Plug Supports Plug-play.
Part No. USBG-PSATA | View Details
SiI4726 Serial ATA 5 Port Multiplier with Steelvine RAID processor
Serial ATA 5 port multiplier with steelvine RAID processor provides 3Gb/s SATA performance over the single host SATA link 5 device SATA links, and can be configured for internal or external eSATA applications.
Part No. CGS-4726AB | View Details
SATA Multilane PCI adapter SATA I and SATA II rev.02
SATA Multilane PCI adapter for SATA I and SATA II works for for any system that requires 4X channel SATA II 3Gb/s multiLane connectivity including PC and Mac.
Part No. ESATA-ML-4XiREV02 | View Details
MH IDE SATA150 Serial Cable 1 device, 39in
39 inch lone MH IDE SATA 150 serial cables attaches to one serial ATA 150 drive though its interface.
Part No. 340717 | View Details