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ICE 100GB 7200RPM External FireWire Hard Drive

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Manufacturer: FireWireGear
Part Number: UGF-100GB
Compatability: ITEM DESIGNED and Tested with SYSTEM

Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher Item Works with Windows 98Second Edition Item Works with Windows ME Item Works with Windows 2000 Item Works with Windows XP Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher

Our Price: $234.97
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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Product Description

ICE FIREWIRE Hard Drives Series combine our attractive case design and high performance bridge technology with the latest IBM drive mechanisms. Available in a broad range of capacities, these workhorse drives provide the easiest way to add fast mass external storage to Windows PCs and Macs. No need to open cases or set jumpers, just plug the drive into an available FireWire® port and it is ready to go. Featuring the latest generation of Oxford Semiconductor's OXFW911 high performance IEEE 1394 to IDE bridge technology, these drives boast exceptional speeds of up to 38MB/s sustained reads and 34MB/s sustained writes. The sturdy and attractive case adapts to both horizontal and vertical orientations, and multiple ICECube drives are easily stacked.

  • Fully IEEE1394, FireWire, iLink compliant

  • DRIVE by IBM or WD

  • Works with Microsoft Windows versions 98SE through XP

  • Works with Apple Mac OS Classic 8.6 and later or Mac OS X

  • Fast 7200 RPM Mode 5 Ultra ATA Internal Drive Mechanisms

  • Great storage solution for Digital Video and Audio applications

  • Plug and play, no termination of device IDs to worry about

  • Dual FireWire ports allow easy daisy chaining of devices

  • 2 MB Drive Buffer Drive Cache and 2MB Buffer Enclosure Cache

    Bus Interface

  • 2 IEEE1394 FireWire Compliant Six Pin Ports

    System Requirements

  • PC with available IEEE1394 FireWire running Windows 98SE, Millennium Edition, 2000, or XP

  • Macintosh with available FireWire port running Mac OS Classic 8.6 and later or Mac OS X

    Drive Mechanism Performance

  • Read Seek Time (Average): 8.5 ms

  • Track-To-Track: 1.2 ms

  • Full Track: 15.0 ms

  • Average Latency: 4.17 ms

  • Rotational Speed: 7,200 RPM (nominal)

  • Mode 5 Ultra ATA: 100.0 MB/s

  • Mode 4 Ultra ATA: 66.6 MB/s

  • Mode 2 Ultra ATA: 33.3 MB/s

  • Mode 4 PIO: 16.6 MB/s

  • Mode 2 multi-word DMA: 16.6 MB/s

  • Buffer Size: 2 MB

    Drive Mechanism Configuration

  • Interface: EIDE

  • Sector Size: 512

  • Number of Heads (Physical) 40GB model: 2

  • Number of Heads (Physical) 80GB model: 4

  • Number of Heads (Physical) 60 and 120GB models: 6

  • Recording Zones 60GXP models: 18

  • Recording Zones 120GXP models: 31

  • Number of Disk Platters 40GB model: 1

  • Number of Disk Platters 80GB model: 2

  • Number of Disk Platters 60 and 120GB models: 3

    Drive Mechanism Environmental Characteristics

  • Shock Operating (half sine wave): 55G, 2ms

  • Shock Non-operating (half sine wave): 400G, 2 ms (1, 2 disk models)

  • Shock Non-operating (half sine wave): 350G, 2 ms (3 disk models)

  • Acoustic Idle (1 disk): 3.0 bel

  • Acoustic Idle (2 disk): 3.0 bel

  • Acoustic Idle (3 disk): 3.1 bel

  • Temperature Operating: 5 to 55°C (41 to 131°F)

  • Temperature Non-operating: -40 to 65°C (-40 to 149°F)

  • Relative Humidity Operating: 8 to 90% RH (Non-condensing)

  • Relative Humidity Non-operating: 5 to 95% RH (Non-condensing)

  • Vibration Operating (random [RMS]): 0.67G horizontal, 0.56G verticle

  • Vibration Non-operating (random [RMS]): 1.04G (XYZ)

  • Drive Mechanism Reliability

  • Error Rate (nonrecoverable): < 1 per 10 E 13 bits read

  • Start to Stop Cycles (load/unload at 40°C): 40,000

  • Recommended Power-on hours (monthly): 333

    Physical Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 22.0 x 12.5 x 3.5cm (LWH) (8.66 x 4.92 x 1.38in (LWH))

  • Weight: 2.3Kg Approximate (80oz Approximate)

    Electrical Characteristics

  • Power Requirement: External AC Adaptor 12V, 2.0A

  • Input: Universal auto-switching 85-264 VAC

    Package Includes

  • FireWire OXFORD 911 Hard Drive

  • FireWire Connecting Cable (6-pin to 6-pin)

  • AC Power Adapter

    Important Technical Information:

  • ICE 100GB 7200RPM External FireWire Hard Drive

    ICE 100GB 7200RPM External FireWire Hard Drive Only $234.97  at

    usb serial adapter from $18.95 only at serial adapter source