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20-Port Quick Charging USB Charging Station

20-Port Quick Charging USB Charging Station

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Manufacturer: CoolGear
Barcode: 045079157897
Part Number: USB-20PQU-CHGR
Warranty: One Year
In Stock: Yes
Ship Weight: 7.5

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Pros: Easy installation, Works with Vista and Windows 7.

Product Description

The 20-Port USB Charging station is a solution for quick charging of up to 20 iPads, iPhones, iPods, and USB charging devices operating simultaneously. This is a perfect tool to effectively save energy and cool down the unit’s heat while in use. it’s ideal to for use as a large capacity USB station in-house that enables automatic recharging once the devices connected have consumed their power with remaining 90% (approximately) after fully charged.

USB 20 port charging station

Places such as school classrooms, businesses conference or meeting rooms, or airport club member lounges can use this quick charger as a central station for teachers, executives, and club members who need to make use of a USB charging station quickly to continue their day.

The USB charging station is easy to use, just connect the power adapter and plug your device into the station, red means charging, green means fully charged, it’s that simple. This unit can also be rack mounted with the included brackets and screws.

Charging Station Features

  • Fully compliant with DCP mode of USB Battery Charging Spec 1.2
  • Enables to provide up to 2.4A output current on each port. Supports the iOS, Android devices.
  • LED light off when all the 20 ports are disconnected.
  • Intelligently detects the power current of each port by the sensing meter with firmware. Supports charging 20 devices at a time. Enables to divide the 20 ports into 4 groups; allows 1 group (5 ports) to be charging at a time. When all the charging ports are fully charged, the unit would cut off all the output current and turn to sleep immediately.
  • The rear fans spec: SUNON Vapo DC Fan; Life Expectancy: 60,000 hours
  • Enables to start/cut off the fans automatically according to the temperatures setup. If the board’s temperature is higher than the setting, it would start the fans automatically. On the contrary, if the board’s temperature is lower from the setting, it would cut off the fans automatically as well.
  • Supports Over-Current Protection and ±15kV (air), ±8kV (contact) ESD protection on each port.
  • Supports 40A (5/50ns) & Peak Pulse Power 250 W (8/20 us) Surge and Transient spikes protection on each port.
  • For the High-temp protection, if the unit’s high temperature is over the setting, it would cut off all the output current immediately. At the mean time, the whole LEDs of the 12 ports would be green blinking.

Package Contents

  • 20 port USB charging station
  • Power adapter and power cord
  • Rack mounting brackets and screws
  • User manual
Important Technical Information:
Charging station only, no data transfer functions.

20-Port Quick Charging USB Charging Station

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20-Port Quick Charging USB Charging Station - Image B
20-Port Quick Charging USB Charging Station - Image C