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External USB modem with support for quick Internet connections and speeds of 56K V.92/90, includes software, USB cable, and phone cord. USBGear USB modems can work with data and fax formats through thier USB interface design and Conexant chip set.

Conexant 56K V.92 Data/Fax External USB Modem
USB external modem Conexant 56K V.92 Data/Fax, experience quick Internet connections with this Conexant Data/Fax External Modem. This USB interface features 56K V.92/90 speeds and its Plug and Play.
Part No. USBG-56K | View Details
ADSL Modem USB, External
ADSL Modem USB external with integrated telecom express (Itex) Chipset, it is compatible with all T1.413, G.DMT (ITU-T G.992.1) and G. Lite, works with Windows® 98/2000/ME compatible systems.
Part No. 167970 | View Details