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USB to ps2 adapters for mouse or keyboard

Have a ps2 mouse or keyboard and can't seem to use it? USBGear offers USB to ps2 adapters that give your older ps2 mouse or keyboard a port it can connect to so you can work with your applications easily.

PS/2 Keyboard USB Active Adapter for Windows 98/ME/2000 and XP
A male to PS/2 female, allows you to use your PS/2 compatible keyboard as USB compatible device. Prolong the useful life of your computer equipment with this USB to PS/2 Adapter. Instead of purchasing a USB keyboard.
Part No. USBG-1KPS2 | View Details
Dual Port USB to PS/2 and Single RS-232 Serial for Windows 98/ME/2000 and XP
This unique RS-232 serial and PS/2 adapter includes a USB 2.0 A to B cable to connect serial devices and PS/2 mouse or keyboard from a single USB host port on your PC.
Part No. USBG-P2-232 | View Details
PS/2 to USB Active Adapter for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and VISTA
The Best USB PS/2 Adapter for VISTA ,XP and many more Operating systems This is the only TRUE PS/2 BARCODE adapter out there, this item uses a Cypress Tech. Chipset. Get the USB to PS/2 Converter.
Part No. USBG-2PS2 | View Details
USBGear PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard to USB Adapter 2 PS/2 to 1 USB
2 PS/2 to 1 USB New Unit Has LED and Works wIth Windows Vista! Jumping Over Connection Barriers! This USB to PS/2 adapter provides the perfect solution for connecting your input device to other ports.
Part No. 364966 | View Details