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Portable USB 2.0 speakers for awesome sound coming from your desktop or laptop, USBGear offers 2 piece speaker sets with multimedia sound powerful enough to sound like a home theater sound system coming straight from your computer! Some USB speakers require an additional AC power adapter for the awesome sound they produce.

Very Portable USB 2.0 Speakers for Laptops (with Built-In Sound Card)
True USB Speaker System with one single USB cable connection to your system. True USB = USB Powered + USB Audio (no separate audio cable is needed, both audio and power is handled by the USB cable.
Part No. USBG-SPEAKi | View Details
USB 2.0 Speakers Digital Sound with USB 2.0 Sound Card Built-in
Ecco USB-D 2.0 2-Piece USB Powered Speakers (Black) USB Multimedia Speaker System! This Benwin Ecco USB-D 2.0 USB powered speakers features high performance aluminum bullet full-range drivers.
Part No. ECCO-USBD | View Details
USB 2.0 Speakers Digital Sound with USB 2.0 Sound Adapter
The B-59 USB Speaker is a 2-piece multimedia speaker system that requires no AC adapter or sound card, featuring built-in, super efficient Class-D digital amplifier that produces 80% more power yet 40% less energy.
Part No. B-59 | View Details