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Windows 10 serial - USB to serial industrial COM adapters

Windows 10 serial or USB to serial communication adapters support RS232, RS422, and RS485 signals from a USB serial interface, lower OS also supported. USBGear offers the USB to serial interface adapters in single or multiple ports and various configurations including cable length, RS232 TTL (terminal block), and style.

Featured Producs
GearMo Windows 10, 8, 7 Compatible USB Serial Adapter FTDI Chip RS232 DB-9 920K with TX/RX LED
This USB 2.0 RS-232 Serial Adapter is the easiest way to add a serial port to your computer. Newer computers today are unequipped to support peripherals requiring a serial RS-232 connection because they lack serial ports; this affects PDA, digital camera, and GPS type equipment that may be used on your system.
Part No. GM-FTDI-LED | View Details
Windows 7/8 Compatible 12 inch FTDI CHIP DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed USB SERIAL RS-232
Supports Windows 7 and 8 and Vista (32 and 64-Bit) Microsoft Certified Drivers. FTDI CHIP Adapter with RX/TX and Power LED . Now Supports OS X and VISTA! Want to connect your GPS to your PC that doesn't have a 9-pin serial port connection.
Part No. USBG-RS232-F12 | View Details
USB to RS-232 DB-9 serial adapter - COM port retention Win/Mac/Linux
USB to RS232 Professional, this is the Best and most reliable USB to RS232 adapter anywhere backed by a Five Year Warranty from a USB Company that has been selling USB product for over a decade.
Part No. USB-TO-SERIAL-PRO | View Details
USB 2 Port Serial DB9 RS232 Adapters with FTDI Chipset
NOW WORKS WITH VISTA and Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is bus powered for standard USB To 2 RS-232 adapter Easy to install , Plug & Play PDA RS-232 Port support 56K Modem support Serial Mouse support.
Part No. USBG-2X232FTDI | View Details
Windows 7/8 Compatible 36 inch FTDI CHIP DB-9 Serial Adapter High Speed USB SERIAL RS-232
Supports Windows 7 and 8 and Vista (32 and 64-Bit) with Microsoft Certified Drivers. This FTDI CHIP Adapter is with RX/TX and Power LED and supports OS X and VISTA! Want to connect your GPs, modem, or digital camera easily?
Part No. USBG-RS232-F36 | View Details
6ft. Long USB RS-232 Serial Adapter DB-9 Male 32/64 bit VISTA / 7/ XP Certified
RS232 adapter 6ft. Version works with Windows Vista. USBGear New USB to Serial Adapter USB serial I/O product provides a single USB to RS-232 serial port for providing USB connectivity to legacy or non-USB compliant devices via a DB9 connector.
Part No. USBG-232MM | View Details
Dual Port USB to Serial RS-232 DB-9 Adapter Cable FTDI Chip
Converts a USB port into a 9-pin x2 male RS-232 serial port capable of speeds up to 920,000 bps. The USB Serial Adapter is designed to make serial port expansion quick and simple.
Part No. XC-232-C | View Details

12in. USB to Serial converter DB9 male screw lock
Add a new COM port through an available USB port to your Windows laptop or desktop system to use with your modem, palm PC, digital camera or more.
Part No. SBT-USC1K | View Details
BeagleBone Black USB Expansion RS232 Module Cape
BeagleBone I/O Module with automatic recognition of USB ports and SD card when installed ( a mini PC). Utilizes GL852G USB 2.0 MTT Hub controller to expand the single USB port connections. Provides two high-speed RS-232 serial interfaces allows for stacking for additional serial ports.
Part No. USB-2COM-BB | View Details
USB to serial 4-port RS232 FTDI adapter cable
The CG-4X232FTDI is a 4 Port RS232 to USB 2.0 serial adapter cable that is designed for PC, thin client, or server to provide instant COM port expansion via the Universal Serial Bus (USB). Supports USB to RS232 serial applications for Point of Sale, Serial Printers, Scanners and more, works at PC, Thin Client, or Server level operations.
Part No. CG-4X232FTDI | View Details
USB to RS232 4 Port Profesional Serial Adapter with LED
USB to Serial 4 port adapter Windows 10 supported, this professional 4 port RS232 to USB FTDI chip adapter can easily add 4 standard serial COM ports to your computer system or mobile device.
Part No. GM-FTDI4X | View Details
USB to Serial 2 Port Pro Serial Converter - TX/RX LED COM Retention
Seeking solutions to minimal COM port availability? this serial converter carries with it COM port retention with TX / RX LED indicators and a Plug-and-Play installation. It does not interfere with IRQ, DMA, or I/O port resources.
Part No. GM-FTDI2X | View Details
USB TTL 5V / 3.3V RS232 adapter with LED indicators
USB TTL adapter with integrated USB type-A port incorporates a 6-wire terminal block and individual wires with TTL header pin connectors to connect as you see fit. The voltage of 5V or 3.3V is set by jumper settings on the circuit board anf supports RS232 signals GND, CTS#, RTS#, TxD, RxD, and VCC with LED indicators for power, TxD, and RxD.
Part No. USB-6WTTL | View Details
USB to RS485 / RS422 Converter FTDI CHIP with Terminals
USB to RS-485 / RS-422 Converter contains an FTDI Chip with terminals photoelectric interface can convert the single ended USB signal into difference RS-422 or RS-485 signal. The converter includes Transient Voltage Suppressor technology!
Part No. GM-482422 | View Details
Pro 5ft. USB to RS485-RS422 Converter with FTDI Chip
Reliability and a high performance FTDI Chip puts the GM-485422 USB to RS485, RS422 serial converter at the cutting edge of serial communication. With a terminal board connector included, this small, portable, and convenient solution.
Part No. GM-485422 | View Details
36 inch USB to Serial RS232 FTDI professional adapter
36 inch rs232 serial adapter with a quality FTDI chipset FT232RL and incorporates a noise reducing ferrite core ring for a clean serial signal. Works with Windows 10 and works with applications such as industrial, lab, and office environments.
Part No. GM-FTDI2-A36 | View Details
12 inch USB to RS232 adapter with FTDI chip
New rs232 12 inch adapter designed to be sleek with a ferrite core ring for noise reduction. The USB adapter includes a FTDI chipset, LED indicators for power, TX, and RX signals and is USB 2.0 compliant with easy plug and play installation.
Part No. GM-FTDI2-A12 | View Details
USB to Serial RS-232 adapter with LED indicators
Newly designed USB to rs232 adapter with full LED serial activity indicators, a new sleek design and modified color scheme give this serial adapter a great look to suit any application. It follows the standard DB9 pinout with hex nut screw lock mechanisms.
Part No. GM-FTDI2-LED | View Details
USB to RS232 Serial Adapter 3ft. Cable
The GM-FTDI-36 is a 3ft. long USB to RS-232 serial adapter that is compatible with most GPS or PDA. Use your office equipment like modems, scanners, and printers that make use of serial communication. No hassles with installation!
Part No. GM-FTDI-36 | View Details
USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter DB9 - 8 Inch Short Cable
This USB to RS-232 Serial adapter is Windows 10 supported. This standard USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter unit is compatible with most GPS and PDA devices including Garmin, Magellan, and Palm.
Part No. USA-FTDI-8 | View Details
PRO Single Port USB to Serial Adapter with Activity LED 3ft
USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter for Windows 7 32/64 bit FTDI Chip Pro Adapter with LED
Part No. USA-FTDI-A36 | View Details
12 Inch USB to RS232 Serial Adapter FTDI Chip 920K with LED
The GearMo GM-FTDI-A12 is short and to the point! This 12 inch USB to RS232 serial adapter is the perfect portable connection for serial devices. Making use of the best FTDI Chip, RS232 serial connections are easy and convenient!
Part No. GM-FTDI-A12 | View Details
USB2 to 8-Port RS232-422-485 Serial TB Adapter Isolation | Surge
8 Optically Isolated and Surge Protected serial ports, The USB2-8COMi-SI-TB is a USB 2 to 8-port industrial serial adapter that protects you device(s) with optical Isolation, 15KV ESD protection.
Part No. USB2-8COMi-SI-TB | View Details
USB 2.0 to 4-Port RS232-422-485 Serial TB Adapter Isolation | Surge
4 optically isolated and surge protected terminal block ports, The USB2-4COMi-SI-TB is a USB 2 to 4-port industrial serial adapter that protects you device(s) with optical Isolation, 15KV ESD.
Part No. USB2-4COMi-SI-TB | View Details
USB2 to 8-Port RS232-422-485 Serial TB Adapter
8 RS-232/422/485 ports with terminal block connection, the USB2-8COMi-TB is a USB2 to 8-port industrial serial adapter that protects your device(s) with 15KV ESD protection and 600W surge protection.
Part No. USB2-8COMi-TB | View Details
USB to RS232 TTL | CMOS Adapter Cable with Terminal Block
USB to RS232 TTL voltage settings just got easier! Up until now you've had to make a choice between USB to TTL adapters and their voltage with either or selections. This USB to RS232 TTL/CMOS adapter cable eliminates that by allowing you to choose a voltage setting.
Part No. USB-232TTLMOS | View Details
USB to Terminal Wire RS422 RS485 Mini FTDI Plug-in Adapter
The USBG-422MINI is a surge and static protected Mini USB to RS-422/485 Plug-in Adapter using terminal wire connection. The USB to Industrial Single RS-422/485 Plug-in Adapter is designed to make port expansion easy.
Part No. USBG-422MINI | View Details
Mini USB Serial Adapter Hi-Speed 920K FTDI Chip
The Mini USB serial adapter Hi-Speed 920K FTDI Chip PC DB-9 RS232 is supported by Windows 10, and offers High-Speed and the convenience of a plug-and-play feature so your time isn't taken after it's connected. Perfect for use with modems, PDA's, GPS, Industrial Devices, cell phones, digital cameras and more.
Part No. SERIAL-B | View Details
USB RS-232 Serial Adapter FTDI USB Adapter with LED Tester
Windows 8 USB serial adapter and Server 2008 Certified FTDI Drivers Available Standard USB TO RS-232 cable with double color LED display.
Part No. USB2-LEDTEST | View Details
USB RS-232 Serial Adapter FTDI USB Adapter with LED Tester
Windows 8 USB serial adapter and Server 2008 Certified FTDI Drivers Available FTDI Chipset : Standard USB TO RS-232 cable With Double color LED Display of Full Signal Power free / Bus powered.
Part No. FTDI-LED | View Details
USB to Serial RS232 Adapter DB9 Male for Windows 10, 8, 7
USB-COM-PL - 1-Port RS-232 USB-to-Serial Plugin Adapter no Cable included.
Part No. USB-COM-PL | View Details
USB 2.0 Industrial Adapter User Selectable RS232/422/485 FTDI Chip
USB-COMi+ (USB-COMiPLUS) 1-Port RS-232/422/485 USB-to-Serial Adapter features Easy Mode Setting by Hidden DIP Switch Adds one RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 serial port by connecting to a USB.
Part No. USB-COMiPLUS | View Details
CableMax USB to Dual Serial DB9 5ft.Cable Adapt
Add two Windows serial RS232 COM ports from your available host USB port, no additional power source is needed and draws power directly from your USB connection. Great for PDA, Modems, Barcode Readers and other standard serial devices.
Part No. U2RS2X | View Details
USB to Parallel and Serial Converter for Windows
USB parallel plus serial adapter cable connects to your computer to serve a dual function, connecting to a serial device for RS232 information transfer and use your printer connected to the parallel port simultaneously! Helps create an efficient working environment.
Part No. Y-10708 | View Details
USB RS-232 Industrial Adapter Isolated and Surge Protected FTDI Chip
USB Optical isolation & surge protection Adapter RS-232 USB to RS-232 Adapter provides 1 RS232 Serial Port over USB Port, easy Serial Port Expansion over USB Port.
Part No. USBG-SSRS1 | View Details
USB RS-232 Serial Adapter DB-9 Male works with all Windows and Mac
Extremely compact but powerful mini serial adapter with DB9 male connector and LED activity monitoring. the adapter is with a translucent blue shell and is very portable, can be used for stenography, point-to-point, and bar code scanning in commercial or industrial use applications.
Part No. USBG-232MINI | View Details