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USB 3.0 extension cable 32ft. A-Male to A-Female with Power Amplifier Item: USB3-EXT32
USB 3.0 extension cable 32ft. A-Male to A-Female with Power Amplifier
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Customer Reviews

This cable was used to replace a Corning Fiber USB 3.0 cable that wouldn't transmit USB 3.0 properly on a PTZ webcam. The SIIG cable worked with no issues.
July 11, 2016
By:  Amazon Customer
The right part and got it quick
June 4, 2016
By:  Amazon Customer
High quality cable: this is one of the best USB active repeater cables we have purchased so far. It’s expensive, but worth the cost. We ran the full length from the office room to the living and connected the performance PC with the HDLinks DVR – all USB 3.0 connections, to transfer high def files. The transfer rate is unbelievable.
May 23, 2016
By:  Rick_in_LA
I bought the 20m long one for use with my HTC Vive Virtual Reality system so I could leave my PC in my office and use my lounge as the playspace. It works perfectly and I didn't even need to use the power supply that comes with the cable.
May 19, 2016
By:  Justniz
Works perfectly but I needed to buy an external power supply"not included with this item", for my repeater work with the printer.
March 20, 2016
By:  Amazon Customer
Works great.
February 20, 2016
By:  John H.
worked out of the box, I left it coiled and plugged it in to do a test before I uncoiled it and it worked unlike the first one I got had it where I wanted it and did not work.
February 2, 2016
By:  Mike D
It is exactly what it says it is and worked fine.
November 24, 2015
By:  Franco
We needed to extend a webcam, which luckily for us was only USB 2.0, so I bought two of these in the hopes of daisy chaining them. This cable does come with an AC adapter, but when using with 2.0 technology it is not necessary. The active booster being in the middle of the cable is a great design, and comes in handy when you FORGET TO ACCOUNT FOR THE EXTRA 3 FEET of cable that I already had going to the USB wall jack. As I mentioned, I was able to successfully daisy chain two of these cables WITHOUT needing the AC adapters to use my Logitech c920 webcam. The price is a little high, hence the missing star, but in a pinch, this will do just fine. (I did test this cable with USB 3.0 (particularly a BlackMagic video capture device, and you DO need the AC adapters to pull off a seamless USB 3.0 connection, even with only one cable.)
June 30, 2015
By:  ThaDoctor
worked- and thats a good thing since I purchased it for a new tech usb3 camera and was not entirely sure it would, alternative from my AV consultant was using $600 Extron cat6 converter Balums and I did not want to do that, so this 'working' was a big deal- thanks
April 11, 2015
By:  Garry
Was able to extend an HD webcam with easy. Did not even need to use the power supply. Great quality so far after a few months.
March 22, 2015
By:  Dan B.
Fast and good
November 18, 2014
By:  Amazon Customer
I have a cooled CCD camera that when downloading the image to my computer always bogs down on long USB 2.0 cables. So I thought hey, I'll get a USB 3.0 cable, use the supplied power connection, and not have to worry about it. I still have the same issue. If I use a short (6 foot/2m) cable that is USB 2.0, I have no bog down in downloading the image. If I use this USB 3.0 cable, which should have more bandwidth, even using it powered, I still have the issue of bog down. 1's and 0's are 1's and 0's so I am not sure, other than the cable is not as good as the vendor claims, why it would happen.
September 9, 2014
By:  Broke Astronomer
Works just as it should, coupled with a tripp-lite dual-link DVI active extension+amp, i am able to run a 27' 2560x1440 samsung monitor w/ integrated usb 3.0 hub as a sort of zero-client 60 feet away from noisy graphics cards!
March 2, 2014
By:  chune
The cable was able to support USB 3.0 without a problem. Installation was simple and easy. Just connected the device to the repeater cable and the cable to the computer and everything went exactly as planned.
October 27, 2013
By:  Allen McNichols