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65ft. USB 2.0 USB Extension Cable - Active Extension Cable Booster Item: USBG-65X
65ft. USB 2.0 USB Extension Cable - Active Extension Cable Booster
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Customer Reviews

November 20, 2014
By:  Edrienne
Money well spent.Just plug in and the rest is automatic.I am using 4 logitech webcam on this as motion sensors through Contacam surveillance software.This could not be done with anything else that i tried. Update Thursday 17 October. This cable worked so well when I first connected it through USB port that I forgot about the 5VDC Power Booster plug in the package it came in and almost disposed of it in the garbage.I have safely put away the 5VDC Power Booster plug,in the event it is needed in the future. UPDATE: Sunday 3rd November. I have used this cable at a friend,and an extension was added 32ft.... "USB Active Extension cable hub boosts (32FT)"..... This hubs of the 32ft extension was a 4 port USB hub bought from Store4PC on Amazon.I used the 5VDC Power Booster plug which came with the 65ft active cable and powered the 32ft 4 port USB hub active cable instead.In so doing I powered 97ft (65ft plus the 32ft 4port hub USB cables)....I have 3)Logitech C270 WEBCAM plugged in on three of the USB ports on the end of the hub 97ft in total length,with no problem,and also a monoprice 1 ch video grabber running a high resolution night vision camera,all through contacam surveillance software program.WOW!WOW!.....At first it seemed that it could not be done.All webcam are at video size format resolution of "640x480 and night vision camera at "720x480"(I shall correct this resolution of night cam if incorrect but surely it was not lower).....I was told that this can not be done.What is impossible with other men is possible with GOD IN ME... Amen!
August 27, 2013
By:  9z4cda
I bought this product unaware of the magic hidden within those cables. I recieved it very fast ! It was awesome ! It works great and it never gave me any problems !!!!! I am soo happy for it and it's the best product !!!
March 15, 2013
By:  Johnny Jonathan MoRA
This product worked well for Windows 7, so if that's your target then this is a good product. I've recently upgraded to Windows 8, and the product is not compatible. I've troubleshooted the issue for hours and tried multiple machines to rule out any possibility of a bad driver/usb port/power source issue, and none of those proved to be the issue. I contacted the manufactorer directly, but they have not provided a response. As long as you know you won't be using this for Windows 8, this is a solid product. However, if you think you might be upgrading any time in the near future, consider another product such as TRIPP LITE U026-20M 20M USB 2.0 A/A Hi-Speed Active Extension/Repeater Cable 65'.
November 18, 2012
By:  Aramis Barron
Not much to say about a cable, but it does seem solid and I like the connection indicator light. I can confirm it works for XBox Kinect in a home theater setup, while two passive cables connected end-to-end did not work. The next problem was putting enough light next to the screen and removing back light. Once we figured that out, then we were able to play the Kinect games on a theater screen, which is awesome.
March 2, 2012
By:  Amazon Customer
For those picky USB devices that need lots of mAmps of power, this is your best choice. This device powered a fingerprint scanner (Lathem) when a non-powered USB extender would not. This provided full power for 65 foot. Pricey, but if you want your high-powered USB device to work at this distant, just purchase this first and don't waste your time on other cheap and non-powered usb extenders.
April 8, 2011
By:  wavelink