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USB TTL 5V / 3.3V RS232 adapter with LED indicators
USB TTL adapter with integrated USB type-A port incorporates a 6-wire terminal block and individual wires with TTL header pin connectors to connect as you see fit. The voltage of 5V or 3.3V is set by jumper settings on the circuit board anf supports RS232 signals GND, CTS#, RTS#, TxD, RxD, and VCC with LED indicators for power, TxD, and RxD.
Part No. USB-6WTTL | View Details
USB to RS232 Serial Adapter 3ft. Cable
The GM-FTDI-36 is a 3ft. long USB to RS-232 serial adapter that is compatible with most GPS or PDA. Use your office equipment like modems, scanners, and printers that make use of serial communication. No hassles with installation!
Part No. GM-FTDI-36 | View Details
USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter DB9 - 8 Inch Short Cable
This USB to RS-232 Serial adapter is Windows 10 supported. This standard USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter unit is compatible with most GPS and PDA devices including Garmin, Magellan, and Palm.
Part No. USA-FTDI-8 | View Details
PRO Single Port USB to Serial Adapter with Activity LED 3ft
USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter for Windows 7 32/64 bit FTDI Chip Pro Adapter with LED
Part No. USA-FTDI-A36 | View Details