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USB Four Port Serial DB-9 RS-232 Adapters with Prolific Chipset

Part # 4X232

USB 4 port serial DB-9 RS-232 adapters with prolific chipset equips your system with four RS-232 serial ports while taking up only one USB port.

USB Four Port Serial DB-9 RS-232 Adapters with Prolific Chipset

Part # 4X232
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The CG-4X232 equips your system with four RS-232 serial ports while taking up only one USB port! Connecting devices like serial modems, GPS receivers, serial printers, and PDAs has never been easier. Got more serial peripherals than you do ports? Don’t sweat it; we have the solution to your problem! The CG-4X232 is perfect for laptop and desktop users. It is light-weight and compact, so you can take it with you when you’re on the go. This device is also fully plug and play compatible, which provides you with the flexibility of hot swapping your serial devices without rebooting. Expand your PC or Notebook computer by using this USB to serial RS232 Converter. Gain more control over your current serial devices through your USB technology. Small and convenient, the USB serial RS232 2-port converter can enable and expand your peripheral usage many times over. How the USB to Serial dual port RS-232 converter works: The USB Serial Quad-Port converter with Prolific USB Technology allows the use and operation of two serial devices via USB control simultaneously. The USB serial dual-port converter is self powered through the USB Port that it's connected to. The USB serial dual-port converter adds 4 additional RS-232 serial ports to you PC or Laptop as seen in the images above. To install the device on your computer, first insert the converter driver CD into your CD-ROM drive and install the drivers. After the drivers have been installed, connect the USB to RS-232 serial converter to your USB Port. The new hardware wizard in Windows after connecting the USB serial rs232 converter to the USB port should automatically recognize the new hardware. You will see the new hardware wizard several times as it must install the driver for each of the RS-232 serial ports to function properly with the USB port. You will see that the prolific USB serial bridge drivers will be installed for each new piece of hardware found. NOTE: If for some reason the USB to serial converter is not recognized after connection, try rebooting your PC or laptop or manually adding the hardware through Add New Hardware Wizard. Additional Features & Specifications: • Adds four RS-232 serial port by connecting to USB port • Installed as standard Windows COM ports • Full RS-232 modem control signals • Prolific Chipset • RS-232 data signals: TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, RI, GND • Serial ports speed up to 921.6K bps • Two DB9 male connectors • Bus-powered System requirements: • USB host port of 500 mA. • Easy plug & play installation and RS-232 device connection • Works with USB 1.1 & 2.0 host port • SECC sheet metal chassis with DIN rail bracket OS Support: • Windows 98, Me, XP, 2000, 2003, CE, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 • Linux and Mac OS 10.X

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Manufacturer: -- Warranty: -- Availability: Limited Stock
Barcode: 736983900357 Ship Weight: 0.30 lbs Condition: New
Part Number: 4X232 Color: -- Size: --


Manufacturer: --
Barcode: 736983900357
Part Number: 4X232
Warranty: --
Ship Weight: 0.30 lbs
Color: --
Availability: Limited Stock
Condition: New
Conenctor 1:
Connector 2:
Wire Gauge: /

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