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50ft. USB 2.0 Extension Cable USB Active Extension Cable/Booster Cable

Part # 50FTAA-EXT

Status: Available

50ft. Long USB Cable Extension usb extension cable usb revison 2.0


50ft. USB 2.0 Extension Cable USB Active Extension Cable/Booster Cable

Part # 50FTAA-EXT
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Long USB 2.0 Extension transfers 300ma of power to the USB device

A-Male to A-Female Plugs With Power LED

Long USB Extension Cable

This long USB 2.0 extension cable allows you to extend both USB and USB 2.0 cables with ease! It has a second male USB plug to give extra power, all the way up to 300ma of power a the end, that will power most USB devices.

The USB Active Extension Cable is not a passive cable. It has a patent pending ASIC chip inside that buffers the ingoing and outgoing USB signals. Passive cables have the risk of data loss because they cannot pass the signals efficiently. The Active Extension Cable acts as a single port hub, increase the distance between your computer and USB devices. The cable meets USB specifications and works with low-speed and high-speed devices

Extends the distance of a USB Device by 40 feet .

Complies with USB Electrical and Timing Specs for a USB Hub.

USB 2.0 Extension Cable

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Manufacturer: CoolgearWarranty: --Availability: Available
Barcode: --Ship Weight: 2.00Condition: New
Part Number: 50FTAA-EXTColor: BlackLength/Size: --
Connector 1: Connector 2: Wire Guage: /


Manufacturer: Coolgear
Barcode: --
Part Number: 50FTAA-EXT
Warranty: --
Ship Weight: 2.00
Color: Black
Availability: Available
Condition: New
Conenctor 1:
Conenctor 2:
Wire Gauge: /

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