Bluetooth 500 USB adapter
Bluetooth 500 USB adapter
Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter connection Short Range WIRELESS data connectivity between computers and the Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter. BIG time networking in a tiny package! Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter

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Cross Reference Table
Bluetooth Printer Adapter

 The Bluetooth Printer Adapter
The Bluetooth Printer Adapter performs very well with the Bluetooth USB Adapter...More

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Bluetooth USB Adapter measured against a ruler
With the features of being small, light weight, and an easy plug and play interface between the adapter and PC or laptop, the Bluetooth USB adapter enables the integration of Bluetooth technology into your personal computers. Shown to the left, The Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter measured against a ruler at 2 inches.

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Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter Features

Bluetooth Features

  • Bluetooth 1.1 Spec. Compliant
  • Data Speed of up to 1 Mbps
  • Range of up to 10 meters
  • Multiple functions such as Dial up Networking, File transfer, LAN access, series port application
  • 2.4 GHz FFHS Technology
  • Easy to expand the network
  • Small size and easy installation
  • Extensive security: Authorization / Authentication / Encryption
  • Supports 95/98SE, ME, 2000 and XP
  • Works with Ericsson T68, T39 and Nokia 6310 for wireless Internet access
As a Bluetooth client the Bluetooth USB Adapter Provides:
  • To locate other Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity
  • To discover the services of those devices
  • Connect to, disconnect and from those devices
As a Bluetooth server the Bluetooth USB Adapter provides:
  • To include or exclude individual services in the list of services provided to clients

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Application Cross Reference Table

Connecting the Bluetooth USB adapter
The Bluetooth USB adapter connected to a laptop
Ericsson T68

Applications PC/Notebook Pocket PC Mobile Handset Printer Access Point
File Transfer V V      
Data Sync. V V      
Object Exchange V V      
Network Access V V     V
Dail-up Networking     V    
Series Port App V V   V  
Keyboard/Mouse sharing V        
Has already been tested on models *WNC BT-500
*Hitachi Flora 270HX
Compaq IPAQ 3870 *Nokia 6310
*Ericsson T68
*Ericsson T39
HP 995C WNC BAP-200

The Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter as shown in the above table works very well with many devices including but not limited to the Nokia 6310, Ericsson T39 and T68. The Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter also works well with a Bluetooth Printer Adapter. The communication between the two is instant as with the other Bluetooth compatible devices. The Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter is a powerful device wrapped in a very small package that delivers the QUALITY and PERFORMANCE you want and expect in a usb device.

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TGestimonial I found no problem with this Bluetooth 500 USB Adapter. The software installation on Windows XP Home was smooth and quick. I had used a Bluetooth Printer Adapter with the usb adapter and success was instant. Communication with the other Bluetooth device was very fast, I believe even faster than some Ir devices I have tested. Once the software was installed and the computer restarted, all I had to do was connect the Bluetooth usb adapter to my laptop, configure the device, and I was communicating with the other Bluetooth device.

For fast device communication between cellular phones, networks, file transfer and other Bluetooth enabled devices, this Bluetooth USB Adapter is highly recommended.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional

The bluetooth 500 usb adater