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200Cm 6ft. SATA II eSATA External Shielded Cable ..

Part # CG-108-2-6

200Cm 6ft. SATA II eSATA External Shielded Cable ..

200Cm 6ft. SATA II eSATA External Shielded Cable ..

Part # CG-108-2-6
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SUPER SALE ON 6ft. Long eSATA External Cable

LIFETIME WARRANTY SATA Cables, eSATA Cables, Shielded External Premium Quality Shielded eSATA cables for maximum performance! Constructed of ultra high quality materials and triple shielded for perfect cable impedance and data protection! sewelldirect.com stole this picture from our site>     200cm (6ft long) External SATA cable that with SATA 2(eSATA) “I” type connectors for SATA II 3Gbps transfer rate!   <h2>6ft. SATA II eSATA Cable</h2>   <img src= Materials & Electrical Characteristic : 1. Cable: (26AWG/1P+A+D+M+A+B)*2, AWM style 2725 80 degree 30V VW-1 Conductor: 26AWG tinned stranded copper Isolator: HDPE or FOAM PE or FOAM PP Shielding: Self-Cling Aluminum Mylar Tape Braid: 85% Coverage Min 16/8/0.1 tinned copper Jacket: 80C PVC OD 3.7mm*9.4mm+/-0.2 2. Connector : Housing: Temperature polyester & Glass fiber, UL 94V-0 Terminal: Copper alloy Plating: 15 u” gold plated over 50u” nickel 3. High Frequency Character : Impedance: 100+/-15 ohms (Mated connector) Attenuation: 6 dB Max from 10MHz ~ 4500MHz Crosstalk (NEXT): -26dB Max from 10MHz ~ 4500MHz Intra pair skew: 10 pcs Max Rise Time: 85 ps Max eSATA external shielded cable 6ft.

*** Please Note: Only True SATA II 3GB/s PCI SATA Host Adapters or Computers with Built-In SATA II can work with 6ft. cables, all others must use 3ft. cables.

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Manufacturer: SATAGearWarranty: One YearAvailability: Discontinued
Barcode: CG-108-2-6Ship Weight: 0.31Condition: New
Part Number: CG-108-2-6Color: --Length/Size: --


Manufacturer: SATAGear
Barcode: CG-108-2-6
Part Number: CG-108-2-6
Warranty: One Year
Ship Weight: 0.31
Color: --
Availability: Discontinued
Condition: New

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