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IDE Hard Drive to SATA Port Adapter , IDE to SATA Converter

Part # CTS-IDE

IDE Hard Drive to SATA Port Adapter , IDE to SATA Converter

IDE Hard Drive to SATA Port Adapter , IDE to SATA Converter

Part # CTS-IDE
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PATA (IDE) Hard Drive to SATA port Converter

  • Need to convert your older IDE (PATA) 40 Pin Hard Drive to New SATA Only Mother Board?, Here is a Very Easy Solution. Works with ANY Brand Hard Drive from 40GB up to 750GB. Supports SATA I and SATA II MotherBoard Input. Supports Serial ATA with data transfer rate up to 150MB/s IDE to SATA 40-pin converter board Two LED indicators for "power on"(green) and"HDD"(Red) Model No. CTS-IDE Chipset JMicron JM20330 Suitability 3.5 IDE H.D.D. Interface IDE , Serial ATA Dimension 56(L) x 20(W) x 23(H)mm Pcs/Ctn 100Pcs N.W./Ctn 8kg G.W./Ctn 9kg Meas/Ctn 0.048cbm OS support : Win98SE / 2000 / ME / XP /Vista & Windows 7 32 and 64 Bit as well as all Linux Versions IDE to SATA Adapter ULTRA ATA to SATA Adapter  Ide adapter with power cable and sata cable
  • Single, Master and Slave Drives and Jumpering

    In order to maintain order on the channel, it is necessary to have some way of differentiating between the two devices. This is done by giving each device a designation as either master or slave, and then having the controller address commands and data to either one or the other. The drive that is the target of the command responds to it, and the other one ignores the command, remaining silent.
    Note that despite the hierarchical-sounding names of "master" and "slave", the master drive does not have any special status compared to the slave one; they are really equals in most respects. The slave drive doesn't rely on the master drive for its operation or anything like that, despite the names (which are poorly-chosen--in the standards the master is usually just "drive 0" and the slave "drive 1"). The only practical difference between master and slave is that the PC considers the master "first" and the slave "second" in general terms.

    UDMA to SATA Converter adaptor IDE to SATA Converter adaptor Optional SATA Power SUPPLY POWER ADAPTER CLICK HERE ($3.88 each) IDE to SATA Adapter IDE to SATA Converter adaptor IDE to SATA Converter adaptor

    FAQ Customer Question: my vista computer is not recognizing my slave hard drive (jumper set to slave) Mfg. Answer: you have to set your drive to master jumper for adapter to work since its a single device adapter so master setting is required please note that master/slave setting on IDE cables has to do with position on IDE cable not boot order
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    Manufacturer: --Warranty: --Availability: Available
    Barcode: --Ship Weight: 0.20Condition: New
    Part Number: CTS-IDEColor: GreenLength/Size: --


    Manufacturer: --
    Barcode: --
    Part Number: CTS-IDE
    Warranty: --
    Ship Weight: 0.20
    Color: Green
    Availability: Available
    Condition: New

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