PDS2GO 3.5 inch firewire 800 1394b hard drive enclosure assembly

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FireWire 800 / IEEE 1394b Cable Specification: 9-pin to 9-pin 6 feet Lifetime Warranty

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The Firewire 800 1394b hard drive enclosure kit comes with everything that is needed to assemble your hard drive into the enclosure, including a convienent carry pouch for your assembly. Take a look!

Firewire 800 1394b / USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure Assembly Overview

USB 2.0 - 1394b Tray assembly. Mounting the HDD to the USB 2.0 - 1394b tray assembly. Mounting the HDD to the USB 2.0 - 1394b tray assembly
Step One in the assembly process is to remove the mounting tray from the enclosure case and mount the hard drive to it using the supplied mounting screws and wrench. The USB 2.0 - 1394b Oxford 922 circuit is a static sensitive device as is the hard drive you'll be installing, take the proper precautions for ESD protection. The USB 2.0 -1394b Firewire enclosure is a bottom mounting enclosure. Once the hard drive is installed onto the tray supports by first connecting both the power and drive ribbon connectors, secure the HDD device by using the supplied hex head screws in the 4 mounting holes on the bottom of the tray and hard drive.

Note: Before sliding the tray and hard drive assembly back into the drive case, ensure that the hex head screws are secured in such a way that the flat edge of the screw head is parallel to the straight edge of the tray rail. This will ensure the assembly slides back into the enclosure case smoothly.
Assembling the hard drive to the firewire 800 enclosure Hard drive sliding out of the firewire 800 PDS2GO Firewire 800 Mini B connected to a laptop
Start disk initialization of HDD in USB 2.0 - Firewire 1394b enclosure.Once the HDD is assembled to the enclosure case tray, it can be slid back into the enclosure case. The case can then be re-assembled and secured with the assembly screws. When assemble is fully complete and the drive is secure, attach the AC power adapter and the USB 2.0 or Firewire 1394b ports to your power supply and computer ports.

Note: You'll notice that your drive does not show up yet on your system, the drive must be Complete disk initialization of HDD in USB 2.0 - Firewire 1394b enclosure.initialized and formatted before your system can use it. To find out how to initialize your new hard drive, click this link to listen to verbal instructions on disk initialization. Your Windows media player will activate for the instructions. The option of seeing a visual is also available, you can also see a short flash movie on disk initialization here. The image below shows the hard drive enclosure on the computer system after proper install.

Firewire 800 / USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure
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