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The Serial to USB Adapter (RS232) -The Serial to USB adapter is an easy and convenient way of adding a serial RS232 COM port to almost any computer with an available USB port. The way any quality Serial to USB adapter works is by creating a virtual COM port by the help of software drivers included with the Serial to USB adapter. These drivers needs to be installed first before the Serial to USB adapter will work. Once the drivers has been installed the Serial to USB adapter will automatically install and create the virtual COM port which will show up in Windows Device Manager. This virtual COM port is actually the DB9 connector at the end of the serial to USB adapter and can be used as if it was a built-in COM port. The only thing to keep in mind when using a serial to USB adapter is that the drivers the serial to USB adapter is using is by nature causing slight latencies (data delays), this however is usually not a problem since most devices you connect to the serial to USB adapter are designed with this in mind. As long as you buy a quality serial to USB adapter most devices will work.

This is our high quality Serial to USB adapter. This item uses FT232RL FTDI CHIP and has best in Class Windows 7/2008/Ce/Linux/Mac Support. You won't be able to find a better and more reliable USB Serial adapter anywhere! It is optimized for Windows Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64-bit versions but will of course also work perfectly fine with Windows 98, 2000 and XP. This Serial to USB adapter is suitable for most applications, including industrial, commercial and any general office computer device. It is designed with a high performance quality processor chip which makes this Serial to USB adapter one of the most reliable and professional Serial to USB adapters on the market. It easily lets you connect any RS232 device directly to your computer's USB port, without experiencing any troubles like computer freeze, IO problems or any other driver problems.
This Serial to USB adapter is powered from the computer's USB port so no additional external power source is needed. The RS232 end is a standard 9-pin D-sub connector for easy connection of standard serial cables.
After installing the included drivers and connecting the Serial to USB adapter, it will show up as a virtual serial COM port in Windows Device Manager where you can manage and configure it like it was a standard built-in serial COM port.
It is build around the high-end quality processor chip FT232RL from FTDI Semiconductors which is one of the best and most reliable Serial to USB adapter chipsets on the market, including a ZT213LEEA RS232 transciever from ZyWyn USA.  FTDI chip serial adapter and Zywyn

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Gearmo Serial RS-232 DB-9 FTDI Chip Adapter Features

  • Serial to USB adapter compatible with:
    Windows 7 32/64, Vista 32/64 XP32/64, Server 2003/8 32/64, 2000, ME, 98Se, Mac and Linux
  • Red Green LED's for Power, TX and RX
  • No power supply needed, plug and play
  • No IRQ / DMA conflicts
  • 3 feet (1 meter) cable
  • Baud rate: 300bps to 1Mbps
  • RS232 output power: -5.7 to +5.7VDC
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
  • Automatic send data control
  • Auto detection of data speed
  • Zero delay automatic transmission
  • Built-in static and surge protection up to 600W
  • FCC, CE and RoHS approved
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on all Gearmo Products and USb to Serial adapters We have Stock on all usb to serial adapter cables
Best USB to Serial Adapter on the Market using FTDI 232RL chip

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Also Available in a Short 8 inch version
Short 8 inch cable version FTDI gearmo serial adapter

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USB1.1/2.0, EIA RS-232 standard

RS232 signals


Baud rate

300-921.600bps, auto detect signal rate

ESD Protection

600W surge protection, 15KV static electricity protection

Serial connector

DB-9 Male

USB connector

Type A Male

Power consumption

Static consumption less than 88mA, dynamic average consumption less than 190mA


72mm x 32mm x 17mm

Fully Compatible with All Versions of Windows 7

db-9-output serial adapter usb gearmo usb 2.0 high speed ftdi
db-9-rs232-output serial adapter pinout for ftdi chip adapter by gearmo
usb serial adapter ftdi chip rs-232 db9 a male to serial port for windows

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Gearmo, USB Serial Adapter for Windows 7 and Windows 8
HOT NEW Item: for Industrial/Pro User, our FTDI chip usb serial adapter with LED RS-232 Serial Tester all in one slim package.

For over a decade now we have been supplying great quality usb serial adapters for windows mac and linux users, our ftdi based usb serial adapter popularity has been tremendous and for that we have to THANK all of our Customers. Over the Many Years we have been in Business our Customers have provided us with great insight and allowed us to improve and keep on innovating usb to serial communication devices, our line of products has grown from 2 usb rs232 serial communication devices to over 100 RS422, RS485 and Network enabled usb serial adapters for windows 7,8 Mac and Linux.
Change is Good, Once again like we did over a decade ago by making industry changes to provide RX and TX LED visual representation on all usb to serial adapters that we provide. WE HAVE listened to our Customers once again and introduced the Worlds First and only USB to Serial RS232 adapter based on FTDI chip that combines a usb serial adapter with a full RS-232 signal tester, not just the typical RX and TX (that most main stream competitors of ours are still not providing to their customers) but an actual all pin LED Indicator representing all rs232 signal pins including RTS . DSR . CD . RD . CTS . DTR . RX . TX
Oh yeah, we also made it ESD protected up to 15KV, Not bad for a small little critter.
As of May 2011, we started to ship our new USB serial adapter that incorporates a full RS232 tester right into our USB converter cable, we also made sure to provide our customers with Great Quality FTDI chip with Support up to 920K transfer speed as well as Great Value at only $34.97 (usb serial adapter usually runs $10-50 and a RS232 Signal Tester costs about $20-30, by combining the two we have saved our customers some cash as well as valuable space in their test equipment bag. So please try our Adapter, we take pride in making quality items and we would love to get more input from everyone using our devices on how we can make them better. At GEARMO, we don't make cheap usb serial adapters, we make adapter you keep and recommend to all of your friends.
Gearmo Ultimate USB to serial rs232 db9 adapter for windows 8 Reviewed by Bob L. on . This seems like a great product. This is a very good Serial USB adapter. Setup was a breeze item works under windows 8.1 flawlessly I needed a serial cable to communicate to an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC and my laptop does not have a RS-232 serial port. I read about some bad experiences people have had with other adapters. It seemed that the general consensus has been to stick with the FTDI chipset adapters. After looking through some products and reviews, I came across this item. In my opinion, the LED lights to indicate activity was good feature to have for any troubleshooting. My computer uses the 64-bit version of Windows 7. When I plugged the adapter in, the OS recognized it and downloaded the drivers via Windows update. It defaulted to COM7, so I changed it to COM1 and connected it to the PLC. I auto-configured a DF1 channel in RSLinx Classic and immediately discovered it using RSWho. I've had it connected to the PLC all day and there have been no issues in the communication. I checked the diagnostics for the channel and there were no bad packets, timeouts, or retries. This seems like a great product. .. Rating: 4.8
Gearmo Ultimate USB to serial rs232 db9 adapter for windows 8 9.7 out of 10 based on 1424 ratings. 73 user reviews.

Industrial Grade USB to Serial Converter RX/TX only FTDI FT232RL Chip 3ft. long cable



Industrial Grade USB to Serial Converter RX/TX only FTDI FT232RL Chip 3ft. long cablea-FTDI-usb-serial-adapter-cable-6inch


RS422/RS485 FTDI Chip Industrial Grade Adapter






4 Port Multi Serial Cable using New FT4232HL Chip Super 920K Speed Per Port and Independed Identification



Single DB-9 RS232 Port USB Converter FT2323RL Chip Inside with Power TX/RX LEDs

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Customer Reviews

These FTDI Chipset USB to DB9 Virtual Comport Cables Work Great with Windows 7!

" I needed these to connect to my Rigblaster M8 Digital Interface and my Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V HF Amateur (Ham) Radio Transceiver to use for doing digital modes such as PSK31, MFSK16, Feld-Hell also known as Hellschreiber, and other numerous digital modes. I used the Prolific cables and drivers with Windows XP and Vista with no problems, but they would not work with Windows 7(64 bit). My PC would either freeze up after a few seconds when running MixW or Ham Radio Deluxe or Digital Master 780 which is built into Ham Radio Deluxe and sometimes would give me the blue screen of death crashing the PC. As soon as I plugged these in (I had to buy 2, one for the Rigblaster and one for the HF radio) Windows 7(64 bit) automatically found and installed the FTDI drivers without having to use the driver disk included with the cable and all is working great now! I'm very happy with them and am back on all the digital modes. About the only thing I didn't like about them is the cable could stand to be about 1 foot longer. I use them on a Dell 17R (N7010) laptop and can sit it pretty close to the radio, but if I were using them on a desktop PC I don't think they would have reached without a little bit longer cable than the one provided here unless I had the CPU sitting on the same table as the radio. They would probably not be long enough if you have to sit your CPU in the floor beneath the table the radio sits on. Amazon has longer ones available although they also cost more. !"

By Floyd C. Fox
Dec 13, 2011

This has been the perfect replacement for devices without native serial ports

"GearmoŽ USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter with FTDI Chipset and TX/RX LEDs! (Personal Computers) This has been the perfect replacement for devices without native serial ports. I ha e used it successfully with vmware, fluke scopemeters, serial printers, and devices with serial diagnostic ports."

By Floyd C. Fox
Oct 3, 2014

"I ordered the Gearmo usb to serial converter and could not be happier! This thing is amazing. The converter arrived very quick and was packaged pretty well. I'll definitely buy from the seller again. Cheers!"

Jul 24, 2014

"Great item and fast delivery. not cheap but USA based support"

Mary D. Ramirez
Jun 11, 2014

"Works with my Windows 8 and older Vista system, Item as described and arrived on time."

Randyl L.
Feb 8, 2014

"Package arrived earlier than promised and undamaged. The usb serial adapter works with my Windows XP laptop."

JohnS R.
Jan 12, 2014

"It works OK. Problem with DE-9 jackposts."This is a well designed and useful product except for one thing. The DE-9 connector uses jack posts instead of jack screws. In my application the connector on the device (Campbell Scientific data logger) has jack posts. So the jack posts on the serial adapter interfere. I tried to remove the jack posts on the adapter but they seem to be swaged rather than screwed. I would prefer no jackposts on the DE-9 connector.

Kevin O.
Dec 22, 2011

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