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3.5" Aluminum Series removable drive tray/bay for TRU Hot Swap capability

Part # IOI-DEMR-12V

3.5" Aluminum Series removable drive tray/bay for TRU Hot Swap capability

3.5" Aluminum Series removable drive tray/bay for TRU Hot Swap capability

Part # IOI-DEMR-12V
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IDE HOT SWAP MOBILE RACK with 12Volt and 5Volt Output

Smart cooling system Thermal probe which automatically regulates and varies fan speed according to temperature of the hard drive

  • True-SWAP IDE mobile rack to be used with any Single Channel Firewire or USB Bridgeboard, By using 5V and 12V output switched via front key, any enclosure can achive TRUE-HOT-SWAP option. Install two of these bays/trays into any dual enclosure with dual bridgeboard and you will have TRU Hot Swap Capability, Each KeyLock Controlls a 12Volt Mini 4-pin Connector for any of our bridgeboards, This enables you to remova a tray and be able to reset the firewire bus so a new drive can be re-initialized with TRU Hot Swap Feature! IOII-DEMR is drive tray designed to enable hot-swap, plug-and-play operation for Enhanced IDE or ATA devices through the connection to FireWire 12 V 1394a or 1394b or USB2 bridgeboards. IOI-IDEMR-12 has a DC 12V outlet for connecting with the 12V bridge board (this includes almost every bridgeboard we sell The keylock of IOI-IDEMR will control the power on/off of the connected bridge board and the hard drive making the drive hot swappable.

  • Hot swappable removable hard drive tray complete with screw kit and drive keys to secure your data.

    The drive tray smoothly disconnects from the main data connector and slides out from the tray body for hard drive assembly or hot swapping.

    Pictured above are the standard connectors for both power and data. The hard drive is assembled in much the same way as if for hard drive operation in a PC.

    This is what makes it all work. The pin connector of the tray for the enclosure case. Once connected and the tray body secured, the units hard drive can be removed at any time quickly and easily.

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    Manufacturer: -- Warranty: -- Availability: Discontinued
    Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 7.00 lbs Condition: New
    Part Number: IOI-DEMR-12V Color: -- Size: --


    Manufacturer: --
    Barcode: --
    Part Number: IOI-DEMR-12V
    Warranty: --
    Ship Weight: 7.00 lbs
    Color: --
    Availability: Discontinued
    Condition: New
    Size: --

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