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Now Ir enable your printer to work wirelessly with your Ir enabled Laptop, PDA, Cellular phone, or other IR device. Why mess with the cables if you don't have to?!

The Ir Printer Adapter IR100M series by ACTiSYS The Ir Printer IR100M series Adapter is compatible with all Centronics-B(36 pins) parallel printers that are compatible with DOS. IR100M series is compatible with most Centronics-B(36 pins) parallel printers that their Microsoft Windows printer driver use LPT port with proper driver.

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Hardware and PC Setup Diagrams

Diagram of the IR100M series Printer Adapter
Simple setup of the IR100M series Printer Adapter
Diagram of the IR100M series Printer Adapter, simply make all connects and enable IR and your ready to print wirelessly. Very simple to setup, above is a diagram of the PC setup with the IR100M series Adapter.

Ir Printer adapter IR100M Specifications and Features

Ir Printer Adapter Specs

Compatible with IrDA-1.0 at speeds of 9.6K, 19.2K, 57.6K, 115.2K bps.

IrDA protocol software necessary for secondary station communication. Printer flow control.

Between 0cm and 100cm.

Built in printer share switch with two CEN36 connectors in a pass through module. Connects PC to printer with standard printer cable, and with the addition of an IR wireless printing path.

DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT (excluding AC adapter and IR cable/head assembly):

4.0"L x 2.1"W x 0.9"H
102mm x 54mm x 23mm
6.8 oz. (184.4gr.)

Ir Printer Adapter Features

  • IR100M series is compatible with all Centronics-B(36 pins) parallel printers that are compatible with DOS.
  • IR wireless printing directly from your IrDA devices.
  • Print directly from desktop or LAN by connecting the printer cable to the built-in pass through connector.
  • Automatic switch between mobile IR or desktop cable-based printing.
  • LED's indicate transmission speed and printing status.
  • IR head can be easily attached to any convenient desktop location.
  • The ACT-IR100M gives the user IR wireless printing from mobile computers and PDA's.

Infrared receiver of the Ir Printer adapter

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IR100M Printer Adapter Setup

The Ir Printer Adapter connected to printer

HP Deskjet 540 printer with the IR100M series printer adapter.

Shown to the left, the Ir printer adapter series IR100M is attached to the printer and ready to be used with a laptop, PDA, cellular phone or other Ir capable device. In this case a Compaq Presario notebook with Ir functions was used to send a document for print to the printer.

The printer itself was connected to a windows 95 machine with an updated Windows 95 Ir version 2.0 driver. Once in range the adapter was recognized and printing was started.

NOTE: It may be necessary if using a windows 95 machine to update the current IR driver to version 2.0 using the link above.

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The IR100M Printer Adapter Standard Connectors

Same connector showing both male and female ends
Shown above is the same connector showing both male and female ends. This is a typical set up using a standard 36 pin Centronics connector. Very easy install as if connecting the cable itself into the printer, the male end attaches to the printer port on the printer. The female is attached to the male end of the cable and then to to PC or Desktop. To ensure proper function you must change the default LPT port of the printer to Ir, once this is done, the printer is ready to use the Ir Printer Adapter series IR100M.

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Testimonial for the IR100M printer adapter Making your wireless printer wireless capable, that's exactly what this adapter does. I updated my Windows 95 IR driver to version 2.0 as suggested in the user's manual, connected everything and I was printing via wireless connection in no time. The adapter is compatible with Windows OS through to Windows 2000 and is a real plus for wireless printing with laptops, PDA's, digital cameras and other Ir capable devices. The are some devices this adapter will not work with, you'll have to look at the compatibility list for details. The adapter worked very well as I selected a document on my IR capable laptop to print through the IR printer adapter.

This is ideal for an office situation of non networked printers. Turn them into Ir capable devices and send documents wirelessly to the printer as you walk by with your PDA or laptop.

If your looking for wireless printing but don't have an Ir capable printer, I would recommend this device. It's an alternative to buying a new printer if what your looking for is a wireless printer to work with your other wireless devices.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional