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QuickSwap 5-Drive Hardware RAID SATA Enclosure Sil4726 Chip

Part # KOMODO-4726-5BAY

QuickSwap 5-Drive Hardware RAID SATA Enclosure Sil4726 Chip

QuickSwap 5-Drive Hardware RAID SATA Enclosure Sil4726 Chip

Part # KOMODO-4726-5BAY
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QUICKSWAP KOMODO-4726 NEW Hardware RAID Enclosure by COOLGear

PortMultiplier 4726 Hardware SATA RAID ENCLOSURE 5 QuickSwap Bays for Easy 1..2..3.. Hot-Swap of SATA II 3Gb/s Drives, without the need for Screws or Trays. Until now, transfer rates of 3Gb/s and hardware RAID features, were only available to enterprise class applications. KOMODO-4726 allows OEMs and system integrator to offer high-end features for price-sensitive professional market applications. Users of the KOMODO-4726 can eliminate CPU loading by using the embedded RISC storage processor, which was developed by Silicon Image, and tuned for the needs of storage applications. This storage processor completely frees up the main CPU and provides the enhanced RAID modes KOMODO-4726 allows up to 5 SATA II Hard Drives can be configured reliable data mirroring, data performance striping, or just plain capacity expansion using the friendly GUI provided, KOMODO-4726 RAID modes are:
  • <Mirroring (RAID 1) — allows SATA Hard drives to automatically copy primary hard drive without any CPU loading (typical 1% CPU resource). The our KOMODO-4726 provides automatic rebuild on SATA Hard drives replacement and auto-failover, to eliminate any workflow interruptions.
  • <Stripping (RAID 0) — allows the SATA Hard drives to performance stripe, to provide maximum throughput to the direct attached PC/Server.
  • <Spanning — allows to make any SATA Hard drives (same or different sizes) appear as one large drive to the host, for extra capacity (also called concatenation).
  • <JBOD or Port Multiplier — this allows the SATA Hard drives attached PC/Server to see each drive as just a bunch of drives.
  • <Striping and Mirroring (RAID 10) — allows the device to improve data availability beyond RAID 5 or RAID 6 with large SATA drives, due to rebuild vulnerability.
  • <Spanning and Mirroring — allows for large capacity with protection. The KOMODO-4726 works with other Serial ATA compliant host port ( see compatible list here), although such other advanced feature (more than 4 drives) JBOD access require a port multiplier aware host controller such as SiI 3124-2™ or SiI 3132™. No Hard Drive Trays Are Required Item Uses QuickSwap SATA II Drive Bay to Increase Usability. Email Notification: Our KOMODO-4726 featuring The Email Notification allows the end-user to have the Sbox-R Manager send an email if any of the following conditions/situations occur: -Partition Rebuild Start - artition Rebuild Complete - Partition Verify Start - Partition Verify Complete - Partition Rebuild Resume - Temperature Too High - System Fan Too Slow - Power supply Fan Too Slow - No Boxes Found - Box Removed - Drive Unplugged - Drive Inserted http://www.siliconimage.com/search/searchresults.aspx?keyword=4726 More Info on Silicon Image PortMultiplier RAID CHIP 4726
    Up to Five (5) SATA I/II drives SATA I or SATA II up to Five (5) drives Quiet Dual Enclosure Fans and Quad Drive Fans
    allowing 24/7 operation (H X W X D)12" x 7.5" x 14.5" Universal AC Plug x2
    Power connector x1
    On/Off switch x1
    eSATA x1 sata raidREAD MORE
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    Manufacturer: -- Warranty: -- Availability: Discontinued
    Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 19.00 lbs Condition: New
    Part Number: KOMODO-4726-5BAY Color: Black Size: --


    Manufacturer: --
    Barcode: --
    Part Number: KOMODO-4726-5BAY
    Warranty: --
    Ship Weight: 19.00 lbs
    Color: Black
    Availability: Discontinued
    Condition: New
    Size: --

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