PCI to IEEE 1394 Card

Adding Multiple Firewire IEEE 1394 devices to your computer without shutting down? This HOT PLUGGING Plug and Play PCI to IEEE 1394 card adds diversity to your growing system and peripheral needs. INCLUDES Firewire Cable and Ulead VideoStudio Basic SE Software to get you going, only $27.98 while they last!

Compatible with Windows Operating systems

Installing the Card
Connecting the Device
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PCI to IEEE 1394 Card Features and Specifications

The PCI to IEEE 1394 card and Firewire Ports


  • Real time transmission of data
  • Seamless I/O interconnect
  • Peer-to-peer communication structure
  • Backwards compatible speeds
  • Hot Plugging
  • Connectors: 3 external plus 1 internal 6-pin connectors
  • Small, durable, and flexible cable and connectors
  • Bus is dynamically reconfigured and active termination is not needed
  • NO need to turn the system off while adding or removing 1394 devices


  • 1394 standards compliant IEEE 1394-1995,p139a (rev.1.1) and OHCI (rev. 1.0)
  • Data Transfer: Asynchronous and isochronal data transfer at 100/200/400Mbps data rate
  • Host Interface: PCI 2.2 with PCI Power Management
  • Max cable length: 4.5 meters
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 70 degrees centigrade
  • 32-bit CRCz checking on reception of 1394 data packets

Get your DV camera, Firewire IEEE 1394 hard drive enclosure, and any other Firewire IEEE 1394 capable device out, you can use them all simultaneously with the PCI to IEEE 1394 Card. The PCI to IEEE 1394 card is an expansion card designed for maximum utilization with your current Desktop PC, allowing you the ability to add or remove multiple 1394 devices without the need for shutting down. TheIlink,Firewire 1394 compatible package includes the PCI Interface card, 1 IEEE 1394 Cable, and the exceptional Ulead VideoStudio Basic SE Video editing software.

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Installing the PCI to IEEE 1394 Card

The PCI to IEEE 1394 Card installed into the desktop
The PCI to IEEE 1394 card after being installed into the desktop.
If you've never installed an expansion card into your PC, it's no more difficult than putting your shoes on. Making sure you're grounded for ESD purposes (electrostatic discharge), remove you computer case and secure the PCI to IEEE 1394 card into an available PCI slot. Close the case back up and you're ready to go. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

Just plug your 1394 device into the PCI card and your system will recognize the device right away.

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Connecting your IEEE 1394 device

Plug the IEEE 1394 cable into the card just as you would a USB cable, the way in which the IEEE 1394 cable is connected is no different, this is the ease and simplicity of firewire cables and devices.

Once your cable is connected, just plug your firewire device in and you're ready to go. In this test of the PCI to IEEE 1394 card a Mass Storage 3.5" firewire hard drive enclosure was used. The PCI to IEEE 1394 card is an excellent way to add mass storage devices to your computer. You can also take advantage of the PCI card by adding devices simultaneously to the available ports in the PCI card.
The PCI to IEEE 1394 Card installed into the desktop
The Firewire IEEE 1394 cable connected to the PCI card after install.

Firewire hard drive enclosure connected via the installed PCI to IEEE 1394 card
Shown to the right is the result of the hard drive connected to the PCI card. The drive is indicated inside the red area. Because the PCI card is plug and play, there are no conflicts. Firewire devices can be plugged and unplugged at your leisure.
In this case the end result was a working hard drive enclosure connected through the PCI to IEEE 1394 card. See the screen shot below.

Screen shot of the mass storage device connected via the PCI to IEEE 1394 card

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PCI to IEEE 1394 Card Testimonial

This is a great expansion card! Recently there has been an influx of new devices that either are stricly or in combination with Firewire using IEEE 1394 standards. The advantage to using the PCI to IEEE 1394 card is it allows you to switch between devices connected to it without conflict, it also allows for hot plugging firewire devices to it. Practical applications that come to mind are as mentioned, adding mass storage and running a DV camera straight from the PCI card, this applies to all Firewire devices you may connect. There is also an internal IEEE 1394 port on the PCI card leaving room for future technologies by connecting firewire devices internally.

I would definitely recommend the PCI to IEEE 1394 card to both computer novice and professional to expand their system technology and peripherals.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional

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