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PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable price tag

PCLinq2 (PL-2501) Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable

PCLinq2 (PL-2501) Hi Speed USB Bridge Cable - USB 2.0 link cable by CoolGear

PCLinq2 (PL-2501) Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable Windows Compatible

The PCLinq2 is your Hi-Speed USB 2.0 solution to peer-to-peer network file sharing via the USB port. The PClinq2 cable provides true plug-n-play capability while transferring files at greater speeds than traditional USB or other legacy port file transfer products.

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 solutions offer up to 40 times the speed compared to normal full-speed USB 1.1 products.

PCLinq2 (PL-2501) Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable File TransferThe PCLinq2 also provides a File Transfer program that is similar to Windows Program Manager so you can easily drag and drop files or create file folders in your local computer or in your linked PC. Just plug in the cable, run the PCLinq2 program and instantly transfer or copy files at Hi-Speed. An example of the program is below, for more information about the program, download the PCLinq2 manual.

PCLinq2 (PL-2501) Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable Transfer program
Screen shot of the split screen view using the PCLinq2 USB Bridge Cable.

Testimonial: I was amazed with the ease of setup for the PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable. Time was a minimal at about 10 minutes to set up, install, and view the results on both my laptop and PC. File transfers are not a problem as you select which host (local or remote) your files will be coming from.

If your someone who works with a PC or laptop outside the home and need to have the same files and documents at home, forget about bringing them home on a floppy. This is an ideal way to make sure all your computers up to date with the documents you need.

Features & Specifications

  • Easy File Sharing and data transfer between 2 or 3 PC's via USB Port.
  • Suitable for Mobile PC and SOHO environment.
  • Single chip ASIC Hi-Speed USB host to host communication.
  • Dual data buffer supports two-way data transfer.
  • Hi-Speed Performance with data transfer rate of over 15Mbytes/sec.
  • Full Compliance with the Universal Serial Bus Specification v1.1 and 2.0
  • Bus Powered from either USB port - no separate power required.
  • Advanced Power Management Mechanism includes Suspend-Resume and Remote Wake-up Functions.
  • Gold-plated connectors with a clear USB 2.0 jacket for maximum longevity, signal integrity, and corrosion resistance.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or above.
  • Intel Pentium 133MHz or better based computer.
  • One Standard USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 (recommended) port.
  • PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable.
  • PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable Setup Program.

Dare to compare the Universal Serial Bus v1.1 at 12 Mbps transfer rate and The PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable v2.0 at 480 Mbps, see the difference.

Order the PCLinq2 Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable Now    PCLinq2 (PL-2501) Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable Windows Compatible

PCLinq2 (PL-2501) Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable Windows Compatibility

PCLinq2 gold plated USB connection
The PCLinq2 with its gold plated connectors and clear plastic jacket ensure superb conductivity and corrosion resistance.