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Four Native SATA Mini Drive Enclosure with MultiLane Port

Part # QX4-VBS

Four Native SATA Mini Drive Enclosure with MultiLane Port

Four Native SATA Mini Drive Enclosure with MultiLane Port

Part # QX4-VBS
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  • High Performance Serial ATA Array
  • Up to 2TB of Fast SATA II 3Gbps Storage
  • 4 Independent Drive Channels
  • Comax SATA.org Certified Cables and Connectors


    Serial ATA performance is now external for both Mac and PC. eSATA provides up to 6x the performance of existing FireWire and USB solutions and is Hot Pluggable.

    With up to 300 MB/s per SATA channel All New ULTRASATA 4x Mini Raid External Enclosure! 7.5inch tall 10.5 inch long and 5.5 inch wide (this is the smallest Four Drive Enclosure with Built in Power Supply 150Watt) * Note: This enclosure requires drives to be mounted internally, No removable Racks! You also must have Multi-Lane Sata Card available from 3ware.com or our sata pci bracket and a SATA Multi-Lane cable! Large 80mm Exhaust Fan, Front Mount Dust Collector. Slick Slim Ultra Cool Design, with New Ultra SATA II Multi-Lane Connector.
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    Manufacturer: -- Warranty: -- Availability: Discontinued
    Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 15.00 lbs Condition: New
    Part Number: QX4-VBS Color: -- Size: --


    Manufacturer: --
    Barcode: --
    Part Number: QX4-VBS
    Warranty: --
    Ship Weight: 15.00 lbs
    Color: --
    Availability: Discontinued
    Condition: New
    Size: --

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