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SATA Drive to 40-Pin IDE Converter Mini Block

Part # SATA-MM-A1

SATA Drive to 40-Pin IDE Converter Mini Block

SATA Drive to 40-Pin IDE Converter Mini Block

Part # SATA-MM-A1
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SATA Drive to 40-Pin IDE Converter Mini Block Add Serial ATA (SATA 1.0) connectivity to your computer with this IDE to SATA Host Bus Adaptor. This bridge is connected on one side to the Host Computer via a parallel ATA interface and on the other side to a Serial ATA Hard Drive (internal).

Convert a sata hard drive to your standard IDE connector on any IDE MotherBoard or Firewire Bridge, Supports SATA I and SATA II HDD and SATA DVD Drives.


SATA to IDE Serial to parallel ATA translation. It includes the Serial ATA PHY, Link, Transport, and Parallel ATA (application layer) controller. The Serial ATA physical, link, and transport layers are compliant to Serial ATA 1.0 CSP300 converter supports a 1.5GHz data rate. For SATA and SATA II Hard Drives Only!

  • Dimension : 56 * 40 * 12.2 (mm)
  • Weight : 19g
  • With LED Indicated power
  • Serial ATA 1.0 Specification compliant
  • Automatic Serial ATA 1.5 Gbps speed negotiation
  • Support Serial ATA hot-plug
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Work for both AC and DC couple between the transmitter and the receiver
  • Provide specified OOB signal detection and transmission
  • Support Spread Spectrum Clocking to reduce EMI
  • Support Partial/Slumber power management
  • Provide adjustable TX signal amplitude and pre-emphasis level
  • Slave Disk support

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Manufacturer: -- Warranty: -- Availability: Discontinued
Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 1.00 lbs Condition: New
Part Number: SATA-MM-A1 Color: -- Size: --


Manufacturer: --
Barcode: --
Part Number: SATA-MM-A1
Warranty: --
Ship Weight: 1.00 lbs
Color: --
Availability: Discontinued
Condition: New

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