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Dual SATA Drive Aluminum Removable Rack Serial ATA Enclosure

Part # SS-CG-LCD-2S

Dual SATA Drive Aluminum Removable Rack Serial ATA Enclosure

Dual SATA Drive Aluminum Removable Rack Serial ATA Enclosure

Part # SS-CG-LCD-2S
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SATA Ports Enclosure Option

eSATA II Ports Enclosure Option

Convert your internal SATA hard drives into dual external Serial ATA hard drives. Our Serial-ATA enclosure is designed and tested for perfomance and reliability. Install your internal SATA hard drives to be external Serial ATA at 1.5Gbps (150MB/sec) and 3Gbps (300MB/sec), compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 specification. Two Versions Available Shielded SATA Output and SATA II output. Two SATA Removable Drive Trays Provided, Extra Trays Available in our spare parts category. Item Also Houses internal 80-watt dual regulated power supply with an 80mmx80mm large quiet cooling fan. Item Will fit any Two SATA internal 3.5inch drives, ranging from 80GB up to 500GB each in capacity.
  • What is Included:
  • One SATA II Drive Enclosure(or eSATA connections)
  • One Standard 6ft. power plug (110volt AC)
  • Drive Mounting Screws
  • Two Internal Hot-Swap 3.5\'\' SATA Drive Trays
  • Two Standard eSATA (Lshape connector) Ports on Rear Side
  • Two eSATA 3ft cables provided

    Rear View SATA type "L" Removable Rack Enclosure

    SATA ports on back side of this removable drive case for sata drives><br><h2>Rear View eSATA II Removable Rack Enclosure</h2><br> eSata II cables are READ MORE
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    Manufacturer: -- Warranty: -- Availability: Discontinued
    Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 17.00 lbs Condition: New
    Part Number: SS-CG-LCD-2S Color: -- Size: --


    Manufacturer: --
    Barcode: --
    Part Number: SS-CG-LCD-2S
    Warranty: --
    Ship Weight: 17.00 lbs
    Color: --
    Availability: Discontinued
    Condition: New
    Size: --

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