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SATA II Quad Drive Removable Tray Turbo-Fan Enclosure

Part # TB-42BAYSS
SATA II Quad Drive Removable Tray Turbo-Fan Enclosure

SATA II Quad Drive Removable Tray Turbo-Fan Enclosure

Part #TB-42BAYSS
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Removable SATA Hard Drive System for MAC and PC

Quad Drive SATA HDD ENCLOSURE, Turbo-Fan Mobile Rack System for High-Speed SATA and SATA II 7,200RPm and 10,000RPm Drives. Compatible with All SATA and SATA II Drives 3.5" from 80GB up to 4TB. Tested with Maxtor,Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate and Hitachi SATA Hard Drives.
  • Standard SATA type L connectors X 4 on back side, Optional eSATA II conectors on back side for $19.98 More Great For New Hitachi SATA II Hard Drives. Ultra Cool yet Quiet. Removable Spare Trays Available from $15.98 each.
  • Included:
  • Great Looking Small Portable Black SATA Drive Enclosure
  • Four Mobile Rack with Trays
  • Standard Power Cable
  • Drive Mounting Screws
  • One Year Warranty
  • External Sata Cables are NOT included!

    Three Sata Enclosure Models Available:

  • eSATA with type "I" Connection up to 3.0Gbps per drive
  • MultiLane Single Port,With screws type connectors and heavy external shielding 3.0Gbps per node
  • The Best Prices MultiLane Solution For all RocketRaid High Point HBA Adapters, all you need is a Cable and 4-high-speed sata drives to go fast and cool. If you have some time please send an email to HighPoint Technologies (Rocket Raid) and please tell them to STOP STEALING OUR IMAGES. http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA/ms1mes.htm#top http://www.highpoint-tech.com/USA/ms1m4s.htm 2007 HighPoint Technologies, Inc This worlds is comming to an End, it seems that Everyone STEALS our images, the list includes Fortune 500 companies and a few thousand more.


    Manufacturer: -- Warranty: -- Availability: Limited Stock
    Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 18.00 lbs Condition: New
    Part Number: TB-42BAYSS Color: -- Size: --


    Manufacturer: --
    Barcode: --
    Part Number: TB-42BAYSS
    Warranty: --
    Ship Weight: 18.00 lbs
    Color: --
    Availability: Limited Stock
    Condition: New
    Size: --

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