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U2-IRDA-MINI USB to IrDA Infrared Adapter Mini Size ( Ultra Portable USB Wireless IrDA Converter) for PC


U2-IRDA-MINI USB to IrDA Infrared Adapter Mini Size ( Ultra Portable USB Wireless IrDA Converter) for PC

U2-IRDA-MINI USB to IrDA Infrared Adapter Mini Size ( Ultra Portable USB Wireless IrDA Converter) for PC

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS ADAPTER HAS NOT BEEN MADE SINCE 2006 (NO STOCK NO SUPPORT FOR THIS ITEM) Please check our new Item VISTA-IRDA-1 that is also Vista Compatible.


Wireless connection for PC and IrDA devices

The U2IrDAmini is a USB to IrDA Adapter to allow users to transfer data between Desktop PC and portable computer, PDA or other IrDA enabled devices. 

4Mbps FIR support

Without any wire connection needed, the U2IrDAmini provides FIR 4 Mbps data transfer rate through the infrared. It is an ideal solution for portable computer, PDA, digital camera, or any IrDA enable handheld devices.

Plug & Play USB Interface

Based on USB interface, the U2IrDAmini is compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000.  It does not occupy any PC\'s COM or Parallel port.  No I/O port, IRQ, DMA configuration is required.  The installation for U2 IrDA is much easier than any other IR adapter.


  • Easily enable IrDA function on desktop PC through USB port
  • FIR 4Mbps data transfer rate
  • Backward compatible to MIR, SIR and 56K Bit/sec ASK.
  • Wireless data transfer between Desktop PC and portable computer, PDA, Digital Camera, Handy Scanner and Printer.
  • File Sharing, Photo Transfer, Printing, data exchange, and synchronization

Specifications :
Standards :
  • IrDA compliant

  • FIR, SIR, MIR, ASK support

  • USB Version 1.0/ 1.1

Connectors :

  • USB A-Type with cable

Cable Length :

  • 1 Meter

Transfer distance :

  • 1.4M at 4MBps

  • 1.7 M at 115KBit

LED indicators :

  • Link

  • Power

Power Consumption :

  • 50 mA (Max)

Power Source :

  • USB Bus Powered

Operating Temperature :

  • 0¢XC to 60¢XC

¡@ Operating Humidity :
  • 5% to 95% non-condensing

Dimension :

  • 1.96(L) x 0.75 (W) x 0.43 (H) inch

System Requirements :

  • Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III or compatible PC with USB support.

Operating System :

  • Windows 98/ SE

  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Win CE

Package Contents :

  • U2 IrDA USB to IrDA Adapter x 1

  • Driver Diskette or CD-ROM x 1
  • User\'s manual x 1

USB to IrDA Infrared Adapter Mini Size ( Ultra Portable USB Wireless IrDA Converter) for PC Most Portable USB to IrDA Infrared Adapter Smallest Ever - Smaller than Your Thumb! This mini USB to IrDA adapter (converter) is only about the size of standard USB jack and fully compact and portable for desktop and notebook computers. The USB-IrDA adapter provides a bridge to the USB port of a laptop/desktop PC, allowing high speed 4M bps wireless data transfer for record synchronization, file back-up and network access with IrDA capable cell phones, PDA?s, keyboards, digital cameras, scanners and printers. The USB-IrDA infrared convertor simply attaches to a computer\'s USB port and gives use the wireless data transfer for data logging, synchronization, file transfer, backup, printing or network access. The USB-IrDA adapter takes advantage of the true plug-and play feature and the high bandwidth (12 Mbps) of USB specification. Features of USB IrDA Mini Adapter/Converter Convert USB interface to standard Infrared Data Telecom interface Fully compliant to USB specification 1.1 and IrDA specification 1.1 Support mode: SIR (2.4Kbps 115.2Kbps), MIR (576Kbps 1152Kbps) and FIR (4Mbps) Obtain power from USB port; NO external power supply required Max efficiency data transmission Support Win 95/98/98se/Me/2000/XP, Linux Compatible with any item that uses IrDA standard, such as Nokia Phones All IRDA Printers All IRDA PDA\'s ALL IRDA Cameras AND MANY More! Free Download ? USB Ir Adapter Driver Installation Program (v1.28, 022404) For Win98, WinME, Win2K and WinXP, Win2003 FAQs for SigmaTel USB-to-Infrared Click here for details (pdf format) Containing information on the following: How Do I Create A Direct Infrared Connection? How Do I HotSync a Palm Pilot Over Ir? How do I connect my Nokia phone over Ir? Why Don\'t I Have Any Virtual COM or LPT Ports? How Can I Get the USB-IR Adapter to Work With My Hub? General Issues By Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows 98 Windows NT Mac Linux Related Webpages Ultra Compact and Portable USB IrDA Infrared Adapter! Meritline is a scam and has stolen our description for most usb adapter products from our corp. site

NEW MAC COMPATIBLE USB 2.0 IRDA ADAPTER SOON, Sigmatel STIR4210 - USB 2.0 Hi-Speed-to-IrDA Bridge Controller will be inside our new U2-IRDA-FIR ... Sigmatel Site for more chip information

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Manufacturer: USBGear Warranty: -- Availability: Discontinued
Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 4.00 lbs Condition: New
Part Number: U2-IRDA-MINI Color: Clear/Silver Size: --


Manufacturer: USBGear
Barcode: --
Part Number: U2-IRDA-MINI
Warranty: --
Ship Weight: 4.00 lbs
Color: Clear/Silver
Availability: Discontinued
Condition: New
Size: --

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