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Works with PDA
Works with cell phones
Works with Laptops
The U4-IRDA USB FIR Adapter will work with your PDA's, Cell phones, laptops, scanners, and printers, or any other Ir capable device easily as it connects via cable or directly to the usb port of you computer.

USBgear U4-IRDA USB FIR Adapter / Ir-Jack....          The smallest USB FIR in the World!

Actual Size as compared to an US quarter.
Extraordinarily small and powerfully capable, the USB IrJACK infrared adapter enables you to build an wireless data highway between your PC or Laptop and your convenient mobile devices. Allowing high speed wireless data transfer at 4Mbps for file back-up, network access, and record synchronization  the smallest IrJACK can handle the biggest of jobs.

Absolutely no external power source is needed as the adapter is powered directly from the USB Port!

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Compatibility Fully compliant to USB spec. 1.1/IrDA spec. 1.1
Speed & Distance IrDA-1.0 (9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 57.6, 115.2Kbps), 3cm - 100 cm
IrDA-1.1 (4 Mbps), 3cm-100cm
Connection Standard USB Connector with 4-ft. USB cable
Power Source Obtained from the USB Port. No external power source needed
Power Comsumption Active current: <400mA, stand current <0.5mA
Dimension 47mm(L) X 18mm(W) X 9mm(H)
Weight 6.0gm (w/o cable)
Operating Temp. 0° C To 60° C
Storage Temp. -20° C to 85° C

Product Detials

  • Wireless data transfer through the USB Port

  • Speeds of 9,6kBit/s to 4 MBit/s

  • Plug and Play!, No external power supply needed

  • Universal Driver for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, easy installation

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IrJACK Usage Diagram

Data transfer diagramUSB IrDA Wireless Data Transfer between synchronization, laptop, PDA, cellular phone, data terminal, mobile medical units and other portable devices to desktop PC / notebook PC.

As Shown here, the IrJACK can be plugged directly into the laptop, PC, or Tablet PC. The provided 3 ft. extension usb cable may also be used for connections for a more aligned Ir signal.

Package Contents

IrJACK Package Contents

  • U4-IrJACK USB FIR Adapter
  • 3 ft. USB cable
  • Drivers on CD-ROM
  • IrJACK Users Manual
IrJACK connected to its cable

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Testimonial I found this device to be very convienent in that its size is incredibly small but can be used with any of the Ir capable devices as listed above. Data transfer is not a problem as the IrJACK makes itself known when within range of another If enabled device. The 3 ft. cable included with the IrJACK also proved to be a valuable asset to allow for a closer mobile signal without moving the laptop or PC into range.

This is a great travel device, slip it into your case or pocket, at 6.0 grams you won't even know it's there.

I highly recommend this IrJack for on the run Ir connections and data transfer.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional