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USB video capture and USB digital video recording and surveillance

When you’re thinking of surveillance, a USB DVR system is a great way to start. Recording and monitoring your place of business or home using USB security methods is an easy and cost effective way to make use of USB video capture methods. Record any perpetrator that may be causing loss or damage to your property.

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USB Digital Video Recorder 4 video Input 120 fps real-time USB Surveillance Video Grabber

USB DVR surveillance system (4 Channel) for windows 7 and windows Vista as well as XP. Has the ability to record 4 different video sources simultaneously, a powerful search engine allows you to search for recordings by time, date, or camera.
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4 Channel USB DVR with SuperDVR Recording Software for XP/2000/and Vista!

Limited stock, please call or email for status.
SuperDVR USB Video Grabber has 4 video input channels and 2 audio input channels. 4 channels video input in one card, the maximum display/recording rate is 25 fps under PAL format, and 30 fps under NTSC format. 1/4/6/8/13/16 screen display modes are available.
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