USB to Serial Driver and Utility CD

Driver Installation

Uninstalling Drivers

You need to install the driver first, prior to hardware installation.
Before you install the driver to your computer, do not connect the product to the USB port of your computer.


Windows Vista , 2003, XP , 2000 Driver

Step by Step Instruction

Uninstalling Windows 2003/XP/2000 Drivers

Driver Uninstalling

Step by Step Instruction

Uninstalling Vista Drivers
To remove driver in Vista, please refer to the steps below for Vista drivers uninstall.

Step by Step Instruction

USB PRO Series Hardward Configuration Utility

On-line Resources

Please activate the Configuration mode of the product by pressing the CONFIG button fot two seconds until the blue light appears.


Step by Step Instruction

Here you can visit the driver pages of website to check for and download the latest driver release for this product.

Drivers Page

Hardward Setting
Specifications & Features