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The slim style Firewire 2.5 inch hard drive enclosure
The Firewire 2.5 inch Slim Style hard drive enclosure provides a solution to add or convert a laptop HDD to your current system with the speed of Firewire IEEE-1394 control...Carrying case included.

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Firewire 3.5 inch High Speed Hard Drive Enclosure - Meant for 3.5 inch HDD's 120 GIG or more - Meant for MAXIMUM SPEED!

The Firewire 3.5 inch hard drive enclosure
Package Contents of the Firewire 3.5 inch enclosure
Package Contents

A High Performance Portable Storage Solution

Firewire 3.5 inch High Speed Enclosure Overview

Firewire 3.5 inch hard drive enclosure
Cypress technology is the only TRUE and reliable solution for ATA-6 USB 2.0 conversion.
The Firewire 3.5 inch high speed enclosure is an extension of your PC or laptop - an extension of incredible speed and portability adding to your systems storage and performance to the max. Once connected the firewire enclosure will blow your mind with its amazing speed over other USB type enclosures. The firewire enclosure comes equipped with 2 firewire ports and 1 USB 2.0 port on the enclosure. Outside the enclosure you'll have a power supply, USB 2.0  and firewire cable; everything to meet your demands for maximum speed.

If you have an ATA-6 48-bit addressing Large 120GB or higher drive, this is the enclosure for you!

Don't be fooled by claims of compatibility by other mfg.
Click here to learn more about the Cypress chip technology

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Firewire 3.5 High Speed Enclosure Features


  • Transfer Rate: USB up to 480 Mbps
    Firewire up to 400 Mbps
  • Fully backward compatibility with USB 1.1 controller (port)
  • Automatic configuration without ID selection or terminator
  • Provides Plug-n-Play for data storage
  • Made of Strong, Quality aluminum
  • Dual Ports: Connects to both Firewire or USB 2.0 ports
  • Designed for users who demand maximum capacity and great performance for digital video, audio, storage and more
  • Cross platform - Support Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS 9.X or higher
Enclosure and Firewire circuit
This is the only conversion kit that supports Large Drive (>137GB) on USB2.0, and high-speed Western Digital 8MB buffer Special Edition Drives like 180GB/200GB as well as IBM 180GB and Maxtor 160GB/200GB/250GB drives.

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What makes the Firewire 3.5 High Speed Enclosure work?

Firewire ciruit

Don't let other manufacturer claims fool you, this circuit was specifically designed for increased performance, it is one of a kind!
The circuit is what drives the performance of the Firewire 3.5 High Speed hard drive enclosure. This circuit was specially designed with Cypress technology to control and improve on drive performance. Tests show the drive's enhanced performance has increased 15% over other enclosures giving you the speed and efficiency for large file transfers.

Example: a 60 gig HDD with 6.7 gig of information equal to 64,647 files and 4,419 folders had an average file transfer time of over 300 MB/min. A full duplication of the drive took 17 minutes.

The enclosure components assemble as though you would be installing a new hard drive into your PC with power and ribbon connectors connected to their respective ports. A series of short 10 second videos have been produced to show the ease of assembly.

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Firewire 3.5 inch High Speed Connection and Port Connectors

Firewire Connections Firewire enclosure connections Firewire enclosure setup with laptop

The images above represent both the enclosure and its connecting ports and the process in which it was tested. The links below are linked to short flash movies showing the assembly of the Firewire 3.5 inch Hard Drive enclosure.

Firewire 3.5 High Speed Enclosure assembly videos

Movie 1 Hard drive assembly to enclosure circuit. Movie 2 Hard drive assembly into enclosure Movie 3 enclosure connections Movie 4 enclosure connected to computer
Find out how to initialize your hard drive after installing into the enclosure...Click Here

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Firewire 3.5 inch High Speed Enclosure Testimonial

I didn't need my background in electronics to help me with this device! If you've got a screwdriver and are knowledgable about ESD ("Electrostatic Discharge" making sure you and the device are grounded when handling electronic devices) you'll be done in 5 to 10 minutes. The Firewire 3.5 High Speed Enclosure assembly was extremely easy to assemble and set up. Running Windows XP I didn't need to install any drivers, the new large capacity drive was recognized right away. In my testing I duplicated my own hard drive which has 6.7 gig of data on it. I was amazed to find that it only took about 17 minutes to duplicate the entire drive, at its fastest it was copying data at 421 MB.min with 64,647 files and 4,419 folders.

This is a great tool to have, imagine taking a large capacity hard drive from one computer to another to transfer data or make it part of your system. Or make it a back-up drive to travel with, in case your current drives crashes, as we all know, this happens at times.

The Firewire 3.5 High Speed enclosure is a definite must for managing large capacity drives externally from your PC or laptop. I certaily recommend it!

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional