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3.5" SATA II to USB 3.0 External Enclosure with Cooling Fan

Part # USB3-Alum-35

3.5" SATA II to USB 3.0 External Enclosure with Cooling Fan

3.5" SATA II to USB 3.0 External Enclosure with Cooling Fan

Part # USB3-Alum-35
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This brand new enclosure from CoolGear supports the latest USB 3.0 technology with transfer rates up 5Gbps!!* Tired of waiting around for large file transfers on your old USB 2.0 enclosure? Then upgrade to this blazing fast USB 3.0 enclosure today! Copy HD videos in minutes not hours and stream HD video live of the disk! Internal testing has shown this enclosure to exceed 130mb/s in synthetic benchmarks, with real-world file transfers exceeding 60mb/s. For the real-world testing we copied 100 files totalling about 50gb of data. It took just over 15 minutes to complete (15m 18s to be exact). 47.7GB/918s = 58.2MB/s We're sure it would have gone faster if we'd had a better drive in the test computer, but we wanted the fastest drive in this enclosure for testing. Now we obviously need to get another one! Heres the results of a test with HD Tune test using a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATAII drive(click for full-size): HDTune test results for USB 3.0 SATAII disk enclosure This enclosure also features a large removable tray that houses the drive, all the electronics, and the cooling fan. USB 3.0 enclosure with tray removed, showing tray and its fan The tray is screw-less, meaning it is possible to remove the tray, install your HDD, and reinstall the tray back into the enclosure without ever needing tools. On the sides of the tray are two green handles, simple pull these open to "unlock" the tray, install your drive, and then "lock" it back into place.

Key Features

  • Screw-less design. Easy to install or remove disk
  • Fits all 3.5" disks
  • Compliant with USB 3.0 and SATA 3.0Gbps
  • Large 70mm cooling fan keep drives ice cool
  • Supports Plug-and-Play and Hot-Plug
  • Self Regulating power - Spins disk down when not plugged in to preserve power and disk longevity.

Package Contents

  • 1x 3.5" External USB 3.0 Enclosure
  • 1x 12v AC adapter
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x USB 3.0 Cable

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Manufacturer: Coolgear Warranty: -- Availability: Discontinued
Barcode: -- Ship Weight: 1.00 lbs Condition: New
Part Number: USB3-Alum-35 Color: Silver Size: --


Manufacturer: Coolgear
Barcode: --
Part Number: USB3-Alum-35
Warranty: --
Ship Weight: 1.00 lbs
Color: Silver
Availability: Discontinued
Condition: New
Size: --

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