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Bluetooth Embedded Bluetooth Embedded RS232

Part # USBG-BM2B

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Embedded RS232 wireless bluetooth adpter enables any RS232 device with bluetooth capability supporting connections with a range of up to 100 meters.

Bluetooth Embedded Bluetooth Embedded RS232

Part # USBG-BM2B
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Volume Pricing

Qty: 1+

Qty: 12+

Qty: 24+

This product is discontinued. Please see our current selection of Bluetooth adatpers here. The USBG-BTS-100 is a comparable model.



This is a Bluetooth Wireless Solution enables any RS232 device
with Bluetooth capability and eliminates RS232 cable connections
with the range of up to 100m. This device can be configured as a
Bluetooth piconet slave device or as a point-to-point RS232 cable
replacement set and is an ideal wireless link solution in industrial,
medical and commercial applications which do not require cable

Features :

  • No driver required for non-windows based communication ( client ) devices.
  • Configurable as a Bluetooth Slave device or as an RS232 cable replacement.
  • Class-1 output power, designed for long range up to 100m
  • Bluetooth SIG 1.1 compliant.
  • Profile Supported : SPP Serial Port Profile.
  • Baud Rate Supported : 1200bps ~ 115200bps
  • Configurable for major RS232 parameters such as band range, parity, stop bit,role type, Pincode.

Standard :

Bluetooth SIG 1.1

" Frequency Range :

" Profile Supported :

79  channel system for USA, Japan, and Europe

" Modulation :

2.400 ~ 2.4835 GHz ( 2.4GHz ISM Band )

" Spread Spectrum :

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum ( FHSS )


" Output Power :

13 dBm ( typical )

" Receiver Sensitivity :

" Baud Rate :

1200bps ~ 115200bps

" Power :

-82 dBm ( typical )

" Configurable Parameters :

Master / Slave Roles, Stop Bit, Parity Check, Baud Rate, Flow Control

Power provided by 5V/300mA AC-DC Power Adapter

" Dimension / Weight :

( 78.6 X 41.2 X 32.8 )mm 3 / 32grams

( 0 ~ 60 )°C / ( 32 ~ 140 )°F

" Operating Temperature :

" LED Indicators :

Power, RF Activity

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Manufacturer: USBGear Warranty: ONE YEAR Availability: Discontinued
Barcode: USBG-BM2B Ship Weight: 1.20 lbs Condition: New
Part Number: USBG-BM2B Color: BLUE/BLACK Size: --


Manufacturer: USBGear
Barcode: USBG-BM2B
Part Number: USBG-BM2B
Warranty: ONE YEAR
Ship Weight: 1.20 lbs
Availability: Discontinued
Condition: New
Size: --

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