USB to PS2 Converter for PS2 Keyboard and or Mouse

Get the USB to PS/2 Converter - Supports PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse. Bring your PS/2 Legacy Devices where you couldn't before! NO DRIVERS REQUIRED!!

GREAT for the traveling repairman or computer technician. For the hobbyist or professional if you only have USB and need to use PS/2, the USB to PS/2 Converter is your tool to get the job done and enable the PS/2 keyboard or mouse or both simultaneously!

Compatible with Windows Operating Systems

Keyboard Table
Troubleshooting Guide 

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USB to PS2 Converter With today's ever growing technology the USB to PS/2 Converter is the easy answer for converting your legacy PS/2 keyboard and mouse over to a useable device. The USB to PS/2 Converter allows your PS/2 device to connect to any USB enabled computer for an easier, faster connection.

System Requirements:
  • Pentium-class CPU with USB port PC
  • 1 available USB type A (down stream port)
  • Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
  • Netware, Unix, Linux
  • Mac OS 8.6 or greater
  • Sun Microsystems

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USB to PS/2 Converter Features

USB to PS/2 Converter Features

  • Supports two PS/2 devices simultaneously (keyboard & mouse) and converts to the USB interface
  • Converts PS/2 KVM switch devices to USB KVM switch devices (PC, MAC, or SUN platforms)
  • Supports standard PS/2 mouse and Microsoft Intellimouse
  • Easy to Install
  • Bus power support; no external power adapter required
  • USB - PS/2 for Sun Microsystems platforms, refer to table Sun and PS/2 keyboard
USB to PS/2 Converter connected to the USb port of the computer
The USB to PS/2 Converter connected to the back of a laptop, used to switch from a touch pad mouse to a PS/2 mouse.

USB to PS/2 Converter Specification

  • USB or USB2.0 type A connector
  • Keyboard = 6-Pin mini DIN Female (Purple)
    Mouse = 6-Pin mini DIN Female (Green)
  • Compliant with USB 1.0/1.1 Revisions
  • Supports both UHCI and OHCI specifications

Keyboard and mouse ports of the USB to PS/2 converter
The female PS/2 Ports on the connector; green is for the mouse connection, purple for the keyboard.

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PS/2 Keyboard Table

Sun Microsystems
Windows PS/2
Sun Microsystems
Mac OS
Windows PS/2
Windows PS/2
Mac OS
 L_Win & L_Alt
 L_Win & F6
 Window Key
 Apply Key
 L_Win & L_Ctrl
 L_Win & F7
 L_Win & L_Shift
 L_Win & F8
 Print Screen
 L_Win & F1
 L_Win & F11
 Scroll Lock
 L_Win & F2
 L_Win & F12
 Pause Break
 L_Win & F3
 L_Win & "1"
 L_Win & F4
 L_Win & "2"
 L_Win & F5
 L_Win & "3"

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This is a pretty cool little piece of equipment. I'm on one the newer laptops with Windows XP so it only has a touch pad for a mouse and of course the built in keyboard. I connected the USB end of the adapter in and XP recognized it right away and I just had to wait a minute to load, I plugged in my keyboard and mouse and that was it. No conflicts between IRQ addresses or devices. The same functionality was there, I didn't see a difference between using the mouse or keyboard connected to USB to PS/2 converter as opposed to the touch pad and keyboard on the computer.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional


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