USB 4 port Sharing Hub USB 4 port Sharing Hub includes the cables needed to share devices
USB 4 port Sharing Hub

USB Sharing Device for USB devices

USB 4 port Sharing Hub includes the cables needed to share devices
USB 4 port Sharing Hub

Compatible with Windows operating sytems
Compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Compatible with OS 8.6 or greater

Compatible with MAC OS 8.6 or greater.


Included in the package are two USB Cabled
The 4 Port Sharing Hub Package includes these two 6 ft. cables for use with any two PC's

USB Sharing Hub Overview

The USB Sharing Hub is the Sharing Device for USB devices. It includes the function of normal USB 1.1/1.0 Hub as well as sharing function like a Switch box. It fully supports 2 users (or 2 PC's) to share each USB device by pressing each switch button. The LED's will indicate the current use status for each port for the user to identify easily. The USB Sharing Hub can save your work space, cost and time and is really a smart design for the users. 

4 Port Sharing Hub diagram showing front port position
4 Port Sharing Hub PC ports
The above diagrams show port connections of both the USB devices and PC's. By depressing the "A" "B" switches the corresponding USB device is enabled.

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Specifications and Features


Height 26mm
Length 93mm
Width 60mm
LED 8 LED's / each port 2 LED's to show using status
Housing Plastic (ABS)
OS Support Win 98/98SE/2000/XP/, MAC OS 8.6 or greater
Ports 2 Upstream, 4 Downstream
Power Connections Self Power
Supply Current 500mA (max)
Transfer Rate 12 Mbps (USB Rev. 1.1)/1.5MB (USB Ver. 1.0)
USB Spec. USB 1.1 /1.0 Compliant


  • 4 Ports USB Downstream Sharing Hub.
  • Built in Downstream Gate design, share 4 USB ports between 2 users.
  • 2 LED's / Port indicate each device in using status.
  • Huge savings on work time and equipment investment.
  • Fully compliant with USB 1.1 and 1.0 specification.
  • Over-Current Protection.


4 Port USB Sharing Hub connected to Printer on PC/A
4 Port USB Sharing Hub connected to printer on PC/ B
Looking closely at the two images you'll see PC/A is engaged indicated by the red LED. PC/B is engaged as indicated by the green LED. Through the Sharing Hub your peripherals will function as though it wasn't there. The idea of the hub is to give its users a more versitile peripheral network so that more than one PC can be used with the same printer, scanner, or other therefore increasing work flow.

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Testimonial I used the 4 port sharing hub to share a printer between my laptop and PC, it couldn't be any easier to use. I didn't have to install any drivers, read an extensive manual or do anything technical, this was a refreshing change. I could see this in small office situations where more than one PC needs to share more than 1 USB device, it's convienient, small, and quick. When I tested the 4 port sharing hub the was no delay between clicking the "OK" Button and device operation. The cables it came with made it possible for me to move it around a bit so it was somewhat hidden, in an office setting this is what you would want.

I certainly recommend the 4 port USB sharing hub for your device sharing needs.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional
Many Names are used for this device including: usb switch box usb kvm switch usb switch usb data switch usb peripheral switch usb switch auto usb share switch hub switch usb

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