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VScom IrDA Infrared USB Adapter

Wireless connectivity at its best!
The VScom IR-200UF IrDA USB Adapter enables wireless data communication through the PC's USB Port  of the desk top computer.Certified

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IrDA USB Adapter adding infrared wireless data communication to your PC

VScom IrDA USB Infrared Adapter Overview

The VScom IR-200UF IrDA USB Adapter enables wireless data communication through the PC's USB Port of the desk top computer. The adapter provides reliable and instant wireless connectivity between desktop computer and any IrDA compliant mobile peripheral devices including notebooks, PDA's, handheld and pocket PC's, digital cameras, cellular phones, printers, etc.
Compatible with Windows 98 / 98SE / 2000 / XP


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IrDA USB Adapter Features and Specs

  •  Model No. IR-200UF
  •  Compliant to USB specification 1.1
  •  Works with USB Port of both USB 1.1 & 2.0
  •  Compliant to IrDA specification 1.1
  •  Supports SIR up to 115.2K bps
  •  Supports FIR up to 4M bus
  •  Operating distance: 1 meter (3 feet)
  •  USB cable of 1.5 meters included
  •  Easy plug-and-play installation
  •  Powered by USB Port
  •  Easy to use Infrared Transfer
  •  Complete drivers support of Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, & XP
The IrDA USB Adapter provides a simple way to add an IrDA port to USB equipped The IrDA USb Adapter provides a simple way to add an IrDA port to your USB equipped computer.computers. With the plug-and-play simplicity of the USB installation, the USB infrared Adapter connects to the USB Port and provides instant infrared access to your desktop computer. There are no resource conflicts since there isn't a need to use IRQ or DMA settings in the use of the IrDA. Setting up configuration is not needed when using the IrDA, the adapter is powered by the USB Port and no external power source is required for operation.

IrDA Infrared adapter connected to computer By connecting the IrDA Infrared Adapter to you existing USB port you gain infrared ability and connection to other computers to allow for quick and easy file transfer. With its USB cable at over 3 feet in length, once connected to the PC it can be extended outward for a limited but effective distance for an accurate Infrared signal.
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Once drivers are installed (Windows XP drivers are included on disk but the device is recognized automatically) on your system and the IrDA Infrared Adapter connected to the available USB port, your ready to start you file transfer.

The IrDA Infrared adapter high speed signal transferThe IrDA Infrared Adapter offers the most convenient solution to enable existing non-IrDA-enabled PC's to communicate with a world of applications and devices. Select from any file on your system for transferring from the host to the destination easily and IrDA recognition of a computer nearbyquickly. With in a 3 second time period once both computers are in range, the infrared sensors recognize the presence of a nearby computer, the image to the right shows a computer with IrDA ability is nearby. Both audible and visual representation of the IrDA are present when the adapter is connected and the PC's are with in the signal range range of 3 feet.

IrDA USB Infrared File Transfer Screen Shots

Wireless link WindowOnce you have verified the your VScom USB Infrared Adapter is working properly via the instruction manual you may then start your file transfers. This panel is the "Wireless Link " panel where the file transfers are selected. After double clicking the wireless link icon in your system tray, this panel will appear, once the file is selected click "Send" at the bottom right corner of the "Wireless Link" panel.

Once file transfer has begun, a small transfer icon will appear in your system tray, you'll also be IrDA file transfer progrespresented with a file transfer window during the process. Before any files are transferred you are presented with a permission window asking if you want to except the file transfer, by clicking ok the transfer will begin.

When transfer begins after selecting the preferred file, a visual window of the transfer opens to display the status of the transfer as seen here to the right. You will also be notified of transfer completion.

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IrDA Testimonial I found this IrDA adapter to be extremely easy to work with as it just plugs in and your ready to transfer files, an audible feature of the adapter letting you know when and IrDA enabled computer is in range is a great feature. I performed a test transfer first with a dummy file I created. The screen shots above are the actual screen shots of what was going on. The transfer was fast and very easy to accomplish. I liked the idea of the device asking if you want to accept the transfer or not. The length of the cable was also a plus, being able to move the IrDA adapter into a better position for a better infrared connection helped greatly as I brought my laptops IrDA to within range.

I would certainly recommend this IrDA adapter for fast easy file transfers.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional