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USB2.0 2.5 inch Travel Kit Enclosure
The USB 2.0 2.5" Travel Kit will accommodate a 9.5mm thick hard disk and is powered directly from the USB Port of your computer.
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Firewire 3.5 inch Hard Drive Enclosure

The Firewire 3.5 inch high speed enclosure is an extension of your PC or laptop - an extension of incredible speed and portability adding to your systems storage and performance to the max.
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Get the Firewire 2.5" travel enclosure to add or convert and existing HDD to your system. Get the Solution!

Get an AC adapter included in the Kit @ a 12.99 value!


Firewire circuit inserting into the case
The tray circuit of the case being inserted for assembly.
The Firewire 2.5" Travel Kit Enclosure will accommodate a 9.5mm thick hard disk and is powered directly from the 6-pin bus port of the laptop or PC or AC adapter power. If your running Windows ME/2000/XP or Mac OS 9.0 or higher, no driver is needed for operation. Adding a mass storage device can't get any easier.  The kit also includes a convenient leather jacket for the enclosure box and a DC cable for extra power.

Tools and assembly screws are included with the travel kit. The case is made of quality aluminum for heat absorption and distribution. The difference between this box and the USB2.0 enclosure is in the circuit and chip control.

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Added BONUS:   AC Adapter included at a $12.99 Value

Firewire 2.5" Travel Kit Enclosure Features

Firewire Travel Kit Features

  • Interface type: Firewire 6-pin to 4-pin PC (maximum transfer rate is up to 400Mbp/s)
  • Ultra slim size and quality aluminum case
  • Converts current HDD from IDE to UDB FireWire
  • Bus Powered (included DC optional)
  • Supports Ultra-DMA5 (ATA100) device
  • Fits 2.5-inch slim type hard drive
  • Portability: fits any briefcase or notebook PC case
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Driverless for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Macintosh OS 9.0 or above
HDD mounted on the tray of the Firewire enclosure
Hard Drive mounted on the enclosure's tray

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Added BONUS, AC Adapter included at a $12.99 Value

Firewire Connection Types

Firewire case connected to the laptop and power supply

There are several ways in which you can connect your Firewire 2.5 inch travel case. One of these ways is direct connection between the firewire port on your computer if available. The image above shows the travel enclosure connected to the 4-pin firewire port of the laptop to the enclosure circuit (This is not a powered bus). The power source available through the AC adapter.
Firewire case connected through a PCMCIA Firewire a card

In this scenario the travel case is connected through a PCMCIA firewire card. Using the supplied 6-pin firewire cable, the connection is running from the PCMCIA card (also 6-pin) to the travel enclosure. In both cases the result is the same, fast connection and transfer speed, quick set up and breakdown. If your system is equipped with a 6-Pin firewire bus installed, the travel case can be powered from your computer.
NOTE: If you are connecting through a PCMCIA CardBus Adapter as above, you will still need to supply power through the AC power adapter supplied in the travel kit. The reason for this is because the 4-pin firewire port is not a power port. If your laptop or PC desktop system is equipped with a 6-pin firewire bus, the AC adapter will not be needed and the drive will be powered by that bus from your computer.
6-pin firewire port from which you can power the travel enclosure
6-Pin firewire port

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Added BONUS, AC Adapter included at a $12.99 Value

The Test Drive


As with all new hard drives, it has to be initialized or formatted. Please see this short movie for initializing a hard drive
The drive used in our testing was an IBM DARA- 212000, its dimensions in millimeters are: 9.5(H), 69.9(W), 100.2(D) and its weight is 99.0 grams. The drive itself has 12 GIG capacity and is well suited for the Firewire 2.5inch Travel Kit Enclosure. The drive power was supported by an AC adapter and was not powered directly from a 6-Pin Firewire bus, however, the drive can be supported via your PC power if it is equipped with a 6-Pin firewire bus installed.


The Firewire 2.5 inch Travel Kit Enclosure is a great accessory to add for your PC or Laptop. The ease of set-up and breakdown of the enclosure is really simplistic in nature and no more difficult that installing a new hard drive inside of a desktop computer. In fact it's easier than that because everything is done out side of the case. As with all electronic components, proper ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection should be taken into consideration. The firewire connection is fast transferring up to 400 Mbps of data in no time.

It is the perfect travel size for laptop carrying bags, brief cases and more as it takes up very little space. Keep the drive in the enclosure and all that needs to be done is to make your connections and you're ready to go.

I would definitely recommend this device as a part of your computer peripherals as a back-up drive or for plain old storage of files.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional