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36 inch USB to Serial RS232 FTDI professional adapter

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Product Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
Works great with Windows 10, no issues with it so far.

By: Jason  on 2018-06-25

Purchased to replace my older PL2303 Prolific based adapter. The old adapter still works great and has been passed on to a coworker, but it's difficult to get a real Prolific these days with all the cheap knockoffs that won't function. Choosing to avoid that whole headache, I went with this FTDI based adapter. As others have said, ignore the cd that comes with it and download the FTDI drivers instead. I've had no issues with the drivers or the hardware at this point.
Product Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Works as advertised at 115200 baud

By: Amazon Customer  on 2018-04-08

Worked as advertised. I interfaced it directly to a Microchip PIC32 USART output with only Tx, Rx, and ground and it had no problem with the 3.3V even though thats barely above the 3.0V RS232 spec. Ran it at 115200 to Tera Term and another serial terminal app on Windows 10. Main problem was discovering that the PIC32 had to invert transmitted bits otherwise gibberish was displayed. Used a DB9 breakout connector to attach my wires to the PIC32 board, and found I needed to attach the PIC Tx to the DB9 Rx, had them hooked up backwards for a while without any damage. The website for getting the driver was very opaque, but I muddled through and got the current driver.