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8 Port USB to Serial DB9 Industrial RS232 Adapter 15KV ESD and Surge

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Product Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
Works really well. No drivers needed for Windows 7.

By: Simon  on 2018-07-13

Windows recognizes it as two devices, each 4 COM ports. The internal windows labeling is completely randomized and has nothing to do with the labels printed on the box. Apart from that it's exactly what we needed. LabView accepts the com ports and we can remotely control our laboratory equipment.
Product Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
Not FTDI, but quality looks good. Very good bang for the buck. Linux support out of the box.

By: trevor young  on 2018-05-03

Hard to find much info on this adapter, and the manufacturer didn't answer emails so I thought I'd leave some info here for others.Upon opening up, this contains an xr21v Exar USB uart chip, not prolific or ftdi. I didn't try it under windows but windows support is listed. With linux it was detected fine and came up as ttyACM0-7.I see tiny diodes across the serial lines and what looks like larger tvs diodes across the power input lines. So far so good.There is actually a bridge rectifier on the power input so it can handle reverse voltage. The resulting DC goes to a small LA8406 switching regulator (rated for up to 40v input) and the dc input smoothing cap is 50v rated so it seems there is good headroom here. Probing around with a multimeter indicates the switching supply puts out 5v (10vdc smoothing cap here), which is further cut to ~3.3v via an ams1117 linear reg. Underside of the board could use a little more flux cleaning, but the quality of the board looks good. Ports are very securely mounted using a similar physical arrangement to what you'll find in usbgear/serialgear/etc.Will update this review if anything happens.Edit: One of the din rail mounting clips had a mis-drilled hole. Clip is being held on by 2 screws instead of three.. And is a bit crooked.