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USB C PD Power Delivery 75W Output Car Charger For Laptops
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Customer Reviews

 So far, I'm very pleased with this little adapter. You can't beat the price. I'm honestly surprised that it works as well as it does for how affordable it is. I've had bad experiences with another of other devices.I have had no issues powering my 2018 13" MacBook Pro at the advertised 60 watts. I spent a few hours working out of the back of my Honda Element parked in the forest, with the adapter hooked up to my secondary deep-cycle battery. Powered my laptop without issue.It also charges my Nintendo Switch. Though I was not able to get it to switch into docking mode using a 3rd party docking adapter. The dock adapter seems to be a bit finicky so I should try using the OEM official Switch dock. I'll update this review after I've tested that. Stay tuned for updates.If you found this review useful click the "Helpful" button.
March 30, 2019
By:  Jenkins
I was suspicious that this charger would be able to charge my laptop as previous macbooks / laptops always had trouble with charging in the car. This one was so cheap and had great ratings, so I tried it and can confirm it does charge! also fast charges my iphone and ipad on usb-c->lighting as well. 5 stars!
November 26, 2018
By:  Slvrscoobie
I got this specifically to power a 15" MBP in the car and to my delight it works at 60W (which is plenty to keep my MBP going).I do recommend you start using it while your laptop battery is fully charged. It will work to charge your MBP at 60W while MBP is in use, but slowly, and it's easier on the charger (which does get warm) if you're not trying to pull the full 60W for hours at a time charging and running the laptop. It worked fine on 4+ hours non-stop last weekend.
October 14, 2018
By:  Jon Brown
awesome little device. I have had a hard time finding a solution for low cost laptop charging from battery. By using this unit with large 4S LiPo packs, I've found that solution.
September 21, 2018
By:  Corey U
Just got this, it does what I needed it to.This is charging an LG Gram 15z960 (manual calls for a 20v2a USB C charger). These are the results monitoring with batterymon & batteryinfoview-I charged from 18.8%-> 55.1% in 40 minutes. The rate varied between ~18,700mA to 21,942mA. Looks like the mean was ~20,500mA+, which is equal to/greater than the 45w Targus APA93US travel charger I usually use. It equals the QB820 charging rate as well, and I used the cable that came with that power bank to test the GearMo. I didn't try using the USB A concurrently.The charger body was warm to the touch (barely warmer than body temp. Pulling it out, the metal contacts in the cigarette lighter were hot to the touch, almost too hot to hold. Doesn't seem like a problem to me. Ambient was ~80f.I connected it via USB A to a qc3.0 phone & saw a 2200mA charge rate at ~25% battery life, not much helpful info there, but it charged comparably to an anker qc2.0 I usually use. Maybe ~5-10% more charge from @ an equal 70 minutes of charging. It wasn't much of a controlled test. I think the QC2.0-3.0 difference is mostly about efficiency/heat generated in the battery anyway; not sure about that.I'd like there to be a 3-6' USB C - USB C cable bundled with it, but I can't complain for the price. I could have gone with the slightly cheaper 45w NekTeck which has a 3' cable (5V/9V/12V/15V-3A, 20V-2.25A); but I think this GearMo was a better buy long-term with QC 3.0 12V/1.5A, 9V/2A, 5V2.4A and the USB C 5V-3A, 9V-3A, 12V-3A, 15V-3A, 20V-3A.Hopefully it lasts for a long time. S/H was also a bit slow (just wasn't prime, typical first class)
September 20, 2018
By:  Patrick McReary
Worked well for the first year. Did what it claimed to do. Stopped working on month 15.
September 12, 2018
By:  Sierus Erdelyi
Great product and charged things quickly!
February 20, 2018
By:  J & J
Great product and charged things quickly!
February 20, 2018
By:  J & J
Charges the MacBook Pro.
February 14, 2018
By:  Mark R Gullett
The product seems good and does what it should, but it appears that that charger doesn’t fully mate properly with the cigarette lighter in my 2011 Audi. The fit is very delicate and the slightest bump causes it to lose contact and not draw power. Pushing it back in fixes it, but it's annoying to have to do that every so often.
February 12, 2018
By:  Stimpy
I bought this shortly after I bought my new Pixel 2 XL and I was excited to see it has a USB C outlet. I was disappointed by the product because while it had the outlet the USB C didn't support the new Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 standard. Meaning my phone used better faster than the device could supply it. It helps keep my battery from drsinibut doesn't actually provide additional charge. I could have tried a A to C cable but ivwas really looking for the full USB C experience.Build quality is good. It's a bit large and clunky which I'd understand if it provided the necessary power. Ultimately I gave it to my nephew and itvwuick chsrgss his old micro USB connected phone just fine.3 * = Meets Expectations
February 12, 2018
By:  uh....I dunno.
fits a bit too loosely in the 12 volt socket
January 23, 2018
By:  Boris Dimitrov
Finally a charger that can charge my laptop at a decent rate. Lenova Yoga 910
January 11, 2018
By:  Neil
It is a pretty sweet car charger charges my phone quickly, I like it I have purchased another one for my other vehicle.
January 5, 2018
By:  Tracy Bostick
Very well made, both PD and QC profile work properly. No problem to charge Thinkpad x1 tablet and regular phone at same time.
December 26, 2017
By:  djs
Works great... First unit lasted 2.5 months then had internal fault blowing my trucks fuse. Called customer service and they were awesome. Determined that I had gotten the old version after sending it in. They replaced it with a new one AND gave me replacement fuses to top it off. Very happy with their customer service, hats off to Kourt
December 21, 2017
By:  Andy T.
working good with my dell xps 13 9350 , charges phone fast too.
December 15, 2017
By:  Matt H.
Great quality, can charge iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, iPhone X on fast charge. Power Inverter for laptop is a thing of the past. Zero complaints and would definetely purchase again.
December 13, 2017
By:  CntryClub007
Works as expected.Charges mobile phone and laptop simultaneously, but during driving it getting out from the slot of the car-lighter and then obviously it does not charge.
December 8, 2017
By:  Mariusz Czaja
can't get it to stay plugged in, constantly pops outi didn't have that problem out of my old charger
December 5, 2017
By:  Dez
Worked fabulously for travel with my MacBook Pro 15 inch (2017) with Touch Bar.
November 26, 2017
By:  D. Bibee
The listing claims this is "NEW MODEL Release 10/01/2017 75 Watt Total Power output, 60watts Type C port", and the Product Description states "20V-3A", and on the front of the box it says "60 W C-Port" and "USB-C PD 3A Output 60W", however on the back of the box, and on the item itself, it lists the output as "20V/2.2A", which is 44W.So either the item itself and the back of the box are misprinted, or the claims on the front of the box are false. At best this is very sloppy and confusing, and at worst it's false advertising. I have no way of telling for sure what I actually have, so I'm only giving it one star.Update 12/15/17: As pointed out in the comment below, the item description gives an explanation for the discrepancy. (not sure if I missed it before, or if the description has been updated).
November 17, 2017
By:  nozama
Tested with iPad Pro 10.5" for fast charging and it works! However, I made sure my car was turned on and running while charging. Using only ACC on car did not fast charge. Please make you're using the official Apple USB-C to Lightning cable. Otherwise, it will not work. FYI, it also fast charged my iPhone X.
November 16, 2017
By:  Manila Envelope
Compared with the function of the other products, the price is reasonable
November 2, 2017
By:  Amazon Customer
Build quality looks decent. The case feels like rubber. Has a type-c port and a type-a port. I tested it roughly. Here comes the results.--- Input Voltage 15V ---[Detections]>USB-A Port-- QC3.0/2.0 up to 12V-- Apple 2.4A fast charge-- Huawei fast charge>USB-C Port-- Apple 2.4A fast charge-- PD 2.0 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V@3A[Measurements]>USB-A Port-- Delivered ~12.0V@1.26A (~15.22W) to my power bank-- Delivered ~9.04V@1.69A (~15.19W) to my tablet-- Delivered ~5.31V@1.98A (~10.54W) to my ipad>USB-C Port-- PD 2.0 ~5.13V/9.13V/12.1V/15.1V/20.1V-- Delivered ~5.01V@1.71A (~8.58W) to my ipad-- Delivered ~19.99V@2.21A (~44.10W) to my type-c device>Dual Output-- ~15.10W (~12.0V@1.25A) on USB-A port and ~44.06W (~19.99V@2.20A) on USB-C port. Total output ~59.16W.[Noise]- 20.0V@2.2A usb-c port: low, good- 15.0V@2.0A usb-c port: low, good- 12.0V@1.5A usb-a port: low, good[Stress Test]>15V-- Reached ~56.61W, but dropped to and maintained at ~53W>20V-- Reached ~66.03W, but dropped to and maintained at ~63W[Efficiency]Efficiency = Output/Input x 100%>20V@1A-- Efficiency = ~20.14W/22.13W x 100% = ~91%, very good>15V@1A-- Efficiency = ~15.11W/16.01W x 100% = ~94%, very good>12V@1A-- Efficiency = ~12.08W/13.44W x 100% = ~90%, good[Conclusion]It basically works as advertised (QC 18W, PD 60W) except that the PD output is slightly different from what it’s labeled. It will get hot if it continues to output at high load; however, it is technically able to fast charge devices that support QC or PD.
November 1, 2017
By:  Eric
I'm revising my original review...The first model wasn't able to supply 60 watts unless both USB-A and USB-C ports were fully utilized. Previously, this device would power my laptop, but it would have taken many hours to charge, at 45 watts.Lo and behold, a new version was since released that supports 60 watts on USB-C/USB-PD and another 15 on the USB-A (QC 3.0) port, bringing the total up to 75. I support this recent change.I still don't have a way of snooping the USB-PD negotiation (that stuff is expensive) but this is what the system profiler on my Mac now says: Connected: Yes Wattage (W): 60 Charging: YesMy MacBook Pro 2017 currently runing in high performance graphics mode, will now charge from dead to full in 3 hours 30 mins. Given I have Skype, Symantec, Slack, and a few other things running, this isn't bad. I'm also writing this review while being powered by this new charger.Putting this USB-C PD charger through its paces as I type. My laptop is charging, currently at 38% (up from 5% an hour ago). I also have a USB power tester connected to the USB-A port drawing a very healthy 15 watts, or more accurately 5.22v, 15.6w @ 2.99a. At around 16-17 watts it gracefully cuts out and cycles on and off. Good. I'll keep it around 15 watts for now.Testing using my GoalZero yeti with a power meter, I can see it using 79 watts. If on a car battery, this may drain things quickly without the engine running. For my uses, this is perfect.The one thing I wanted to test while at 100% output is heat. While the previous model got warm to the touch, this one definitely gets hot. I think I saw another review stating the same. I wanted to make sure I could keep this on charge for at least an hour under full load. While hot to the touch, the plastic does not melt or burn. Alternately, stay away from the metal contacts - touching the metal bits immediately after pulling out the plug will hurt. There is also a smell of electronics reaching close to tolerance temperatures, but not enough to melt or create smoke.In my experience, this usually means a shorter lifespan, but it has handled the full 75 watts over an hour and a half without an issue any obvious or apparent issues. While charging my laptop in future I may avoid using the USB-A port as well, but that's only by personal choice. It can definitely handle full-load on both ports for an extended period of time without failure.I am upgrading my stars to 5 with this latest revision. I'll see how the pulling a full 60w from USB-C impacts device lifespan, but until then, I'm a happy camper with this new revision.
September 7, 2017
By:  C. Blackledge
Charges my Lenovo Yoga 370 laptop at 45watts on the USB-C port and quick charges my Samsung Galaxy S7 in quick charge mode on the standard USB port both at the same time without issue. Now instead of a USB cigarette outlet charger, a power inverter, and my Lenovo charger plugged into the inverter, I just have one compact charger for everything. Plus in my Ford F250 my power inverter caused the speakers to buzz, no more power inverter no more buzzing.
August 18, 2017
By:  herculeesjr
works for my hp elite x2 g1 1021
August 10, 2017
By:  jean
I love this USB C Power car charger. Comes very handy when I need to charge my MacBook Pro while I am out on the field working. I was very surprised at how fast it charges my cell phone and MacBook Pro. I highly recommend this to anyone who is always on the go and needs a reliable car charger.
July 19, 2017
By:  Antonia Membreno
Best car USB C charger out there - works with ThinkPad x270 and Samsung S8
July 9, 2017
By:  Kernellinux
Must have for your car! Fast charging and great for when everyone needs a port to charge their phones.
July 1, 2017
By:  Francesca
Amazing product with a quick charge. I enjoy the fact that I can charge multiple things with just one charger.
July 1, 2017
By:  Amazon Customer
Received the best service I can remember in a long time. I tried many other similar adapters, but they failed to charge my laptop. This one is the only one that works (without using an inverter which causes some inefficiency).
May 8, 2017
By:  Eric Talaska - Environmental Advocate