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The USB 2.0 Audio Blaster new generation USB Digital Audio with exclusive Xear 3DTM sound technology. The USB Audio Blaster is equipt with 5.1 channel effect sound for GREAT playback! Includes all you need - USB cable type male/female connector and usb drivers on disk. Windows & MAC compatible

USB audio Blaster - 5.1 channel effect sound.

USB v2.0 5.1 channel effect Audio Blaster

Advantages of using the USB 2.0 Audio Blaster

USB 2.0 Audio Blaster compact sizeThe USB 2.0 Audio Blaster is small but provides a value-added PC audio total solution and integrated advance Dolby Digital sound technology to many applications for maximum audio support. This patented 3D sound technology not only supports real-time 3D gaming and industry-standard 5.1CH or 7.1CH DVD, but also offers an immersive virtual 5.1Ch and 7.1CH sound field to the users regardless of what type of output device is actually utilized.

The are 3 distinct advantages to using the USB audio Blaster with it patented technology, read on to find out more. Read the User's Manual for more information.

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  • SPEAKER SHIFTER allows the users to obtain a 5.1CH & 7.1CH virtual speaker environment no matter what output device they are using (2CH speakers). Moreover, the users are able to drag the virtual speakers to anywhere they want without moving the actual ones to accommodate their need.

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  • One advantage of the major 3D VR implementations is 3D gaming for PC. When a command for 3D audio is given, Microsoft operation system would provide DirectSound3D, an interface conversion technology, to function as the bridge interfacing the upper application program and lower audio device.
  • Karaoke Functions: This function included microphone echo, magic voice, key shifting and vocal canceling. No matter any sound source you playing, you can enjoy various singing way and feeling like personal performance.

USB 2.0 Audio Blaster System Requirements

USB 2.0 Audio Blaster connected to female end of included USB cable.
  • OS Support: Win98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, Mac OS 9.0 and 10.1
  • System recommended: Use Intel Pentium III AMD K6 500 CPU above
  • At least 64 MB RAM (Win98SE) or 128MB RAM (WinME, Win2000 and WinXP)
  • At least 50 MB hard disk space

For a good quality sound , adjust your systemís H/W acceleration and Sample rate conversion quality to Full and Best.
Testing the USB 2.0 Audio Blaster
In testing the USB 2.0 Audio Blaster the usb device was connected to a laptop with package contents that were included, the USB cable, USB 2.0 audio blaster and software on CD-ROM.

A head set was connected that was equiped with a microphone and a sample recording was produced in MP3 format. To hear this sample, click here. The USB 2.0 Audio Testing the USB 2.0 audio Blaster with a laptop.Blaster produced a good clean sound in playback and was very simple to use. When sampling this recording you may be presented with the Windows Media Bar dialog box, if this is the case just select "Yes" to continue loading the media sample. When using the USB 2.0 Audio Baster you will notice the LED's indicating both power indicated by the green LED and the yellow LED indicating option use.

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USB 2.0 audio blaster connected to laptop showing LED.

USB 2.0 Audio Blaster
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