USB 2.0 Link and Network Cable
USB 2.0 Link and Network cable gold plated connector USB 2.0 Link and Network cable label USB 2.0 Link and Network cable gold plated connector
USB 2.0 Link and Network cable
USB 2.0 Link and Network cable
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Compatible with Windows Operating Systems
Compatible with Windows Operating Systems
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USB 2.0 Link and Network cable


Overview of the USB 2.0 Link and Network Cable
USB 2.0 Link and Network Cable for Host-to-Host Networking  provides Host-to-Host Networking and linking solution for two or more USB hosts of PC /Notebook, Designed with the proprietary power-saving technology and auto detecting and switching method between USB High-Speed (HS, USB 2.0 interface) and USB Full-Speed(FS, USB 1.1 interface) *the cable enables the host to run under the appropriate speed.

The USB 2.0 NETWORK CABLE provides two software modes for end-user application listed below:

Package Contents include:

CD-ROM (Driver/ Application / Manual) X 1

purchase for only $34.98

USB 2.0 link and Network Cable Software Modes

USB 2.0 link and Network Cable Software Modes

SuperLink mode:

Two independent PC hosts using the USB 2.0 Link and Network Cable can exchange data or information through this proprietary software package as easy as one simple drag &drop operation between the two-computer systems.

Virtual Network mode:

Developed to be an NDIS-compliant solution by emulating a virtual LAN interoperability among peer-to-peer end-users' computers. The VirtualNet provides a single-chip solution for networking two or more computers via their USB ports. It is inherently incompatible to connect two PCs together via a simple USB cable.

USB 2.0 Link and Network Cable controller box
Features, Specifications and more

Features, Specifications and more
USb 2.0 link and network cable with gold plated connector
Easy Install

Key Features

  • Full compliance with USB 2.0 and 1.1 standards
  • Host-to-Host file transfer
  • Data transfer rate: up to 480 Mb
  • No external power and low power consumption
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Sharing resources, such as printers, CD-ROM, modems, scanners
  • TCP/IP protocol support
  • Gold plated connectors for better signal and continuity


  • Compatibility the USB 2.0 High speed and full speed
  • Only use the bus power
  • Cable length (10 ft.) 1500 mm (standard), available up to 2500mm

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP
  • CD-ROM Drive (for driver installation)
  • One free standard USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 Port

purchase for only $34.98

Screen Shots

Software and Driver Screen Shots
Desktop Icon for the USB 2.0 Link and Network Cable After the Installation is complete you'll see a new icon on your desktop for SuperLink or Virtual Network or both if you've installed both.
After double clicking on the desktop iconWhen you double click on the desktop icon the above window appears but is only showing your local PC. Once the link and network cable is networked PC to PC the window will change. See image below.

Host-to-Host connection using the link and network cable

The screen shot to the left shows full network connection between both PC's, viewing files for transfer was easy with the explorer type interface. Both local and remote computers were visible for file viewing and transfer.

Not all screen shots are here. More information on the software and driver install can be found in the USB 2.0 Link and Network Manual.

The Link and Network cable also come with cryptext software. to encrypt or decrypt files as needed, read more about this by downloading the cryptext manual.



For setting up and peer-to-peer network, this was pretty easy. Once the drivers are installed (another easy task) and software installed viewing files on the remote PC was just like viewing them in the Windows Explorer. The Drag-n-Drop function of the software made it easy to transfer files from host to remote very quickly. One of the features I liked in particular was that you can't see the remote PC and vise versa if the SuperLink or Virtual Network software isn't active. In other words both PC need to have the software up and running to transfer files.

This is great device for small office networks where you're to small for a full blown network and just need to share between cubical's.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional

purchase for only $34.98

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USB 2.0 Link and Network cable