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Need a USB only 2.5 inch enclosure, check this out! USB 2.0 Enclosure
If you need a larger capacity enclosure, try the 3.5 inch Firewire enclosure. Meant for 120 GIG or more.
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The USB / IEEE 1394 Firewire Combo 2.5 inch Travel Kit Enclosure is the premiere hard drive case. READY TO SHIP KITS available!


Not all manufacturers include what is in this kit. Purchasing elsewhere could cost you $90.00 or more! Get the USB Firewire  Combo Travel Kit Enclosure for only $69.97!

Get the best technologies of both worlds for convienence and extreme speed as this cross platform travel case combo utilizes both USB 2.0 and Firewire interfaces. USB cables, Firewire cables included. If your running Windows ME/2000/XP or Mac OS 9.0 or higher, no driver is needed for operation.

ieee 1394 Compatibility

USB and Firewire combo Overview

The USB Firewire 2.5 inch enclosure
USB Firewire combo enclosure circuit
Do you need to to disassemble your PC case or laptop to add a HDD? Try adding and carrying the 2.5 inch USB/ IEEE 1394 Firewire enclosure combo around with you and rely on bus power. Add an extra hard drive anytime you want or keep it handy as an addition operating system! The USB Firewire combo 2.5" Travel Kit Enclosure will accommodate a 9.5mm thick hard disk and is powered directly from the USB or firewire Port of your computer. Adding a mass storage device can't get any easier. 

NOTE: to rely on bus power for Firewire, you must have the 6-Pin Firewire Port installed on your laptop or PC. Alternatively an included AC adapter must be used.

Tools and screws are included with the travel kit.

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USB / Firewire Travel kit contents

IEEE 1394 Firewire enclosure case Leather jacket Screws, screwdriver and USB cables AC Adapter and Firewire IEEE 1394 cable Firewire Software disk
 The Aluminum case and circuit (enclosure)
 The Leather Jacket
 Two USB Cables, USB to USB and USB to Power. Mounting screws and screwdriver
 3 ft. Firewire ieee 1394 Cable and AC adapter
 Software disk with manual

USB 2.0 IEEE-1394 Firewire Combo Case Features

USB/ieee 1394 Firewire 2.5 inch Combo Case Features

  • Interface type: USB 2.0 (maximum transfer rate is 480Mbps) or Firewire (IEEE 1394) Controller
  • Two 1394 ports for maximum flexibility in your FireWire topology with transfer rates of up to 400Mbps
  • Ultra slim size and quality aluminum
  • Converts current HDD from IDE to USB 2.0/FireWire IEEE 1394
  • Bus Powered (included AC adapter optional)
  • Supports Ultra-DMA5 (ATA100) device
  • Fits 2.5-inch slim type hard drive
  • Portability: fits any briefcase or notebook PC case
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Driverless for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Macintosh OS 9.0 or above
 Ports of the usb ieee 1394 firewire combo
The enclosure ports from top down are the USB 2.0, 2 6-PIN Firewire ports and AC adapter

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Test HDD and Port configuration

12 GIG slim style hard drive mounted on the USB Firewire combo tray
Port connections from left to right are: USB, 6-Pin Firewire, 6-Pin Firewire, AC adapter power plug.
The drive used in our testing was an IBM DARA- 212000, its dimensions in millimeters are: 9.5(H), 69.9(W), 100.2(D) and its weight is 99.0 grams. The drive itself has 12 GIG capacity and is well suited for the USB / Firewire combo 2.5inch Travel Kit Enclosure. The drive power was supported by an AC adapter and was not powered directly from a 6-Pin Firewire bus, however, the HDDdrive can be supported via your PC power if it is equipped with a 6-Pin firewire bus installed. The drive enclosure once fully assembled and connected via USB port was totally powered by the USB Bus.

Case Connections

Drive inserted into the ieee 1394 firewire enclosure The USB / ieee 1394 Firewire Combo enclosure is simple enough to assemble. The combo kit comes with a supplied screwdriver and mounting screws. The drive slides tightly onto the connector pins and exposes the mounting holes for assembly to the enclosure tray. Once mounted the assembly can be slipped into the case and secured with the case screws also supplied.

NOTE: If possibe, ESD (electrostatic discharge) standards should be followed when assembling or working with exposed electronics such as hard drives and or other circuits or circuit components.
Connected via USB port Shown here is the USB cable connection between the USB /ieee 1394 Firewire Combo enclosure. Powered by the USB Bus Port only the drive is recognized immediately once the USB connection is made. The drive, although recognized is at this point not initialized, if you're unaware of how to initialize a drive in Windows XP see this short video for initializing a drive. After disk initialization is completed the hard drive must be formatted for a drive letter icon to appear on your system.
Connected via Firewire and PCMCIA Shown here is the ieee 1394 Firewire connection. Because the laptop that was used in conjunction with the testing of the enclosure was not equipped with an installed 6-PIN Firewire bus port a PCMCIA Firewire cardbus and the supplied AC adapter had to be used. If your computer has a 6-PIN Firewire Bus Port installed, you can power the enclosure straight from the firewire bus without the AC adapter.

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USB 2.0 / IEEE 1394 Firewire Enclosure Testimonial

In using this enclosure I had found both convenience and technology wrapped up into one small little case. With the convenience USB the USB 2.0 / Firewire Combination enclosure gives you the opportunity to do your traveling without leaving any information behind. I found the Plug-n-Play feature a real plus in connecting the drive for use in just a couple of minutes. This comes in handy if you need to get to other information on the drive quickly while on the phone with a client or making changes in documentation. The enclosure helps make the drive  ready for use in backing up as well as an extra bootable device if needed. The Firewire connection was just as easy for connecting and has the same Plug-n-Play feature, once connected to the computer, the drive was recognized with no extra set up or drivers needed other than using the AC adapter. The kit itself was organized in such a way that I had everything I needed to assemble the hard drive to the tray and make all connections to the computer, I didn't have to look for anything and I like that!

Definitely a high recommendation for the best of both with USB and Firewire, the enclosure is well worth the investment to make sure your computer keeps running.

Bob Boisvert...Web Professional