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USBGear is a part of a global group of brands that focus on Universal Serial Bus.

USBGear's history goes way, way back to 1999 where we launched the very first USB specific website with a secure shopping cart! We had now given everyone an opportunity to experience the simplicity of connectivity via the personal computer's Universal Serial Bus (USB).

We had deffinitly jumped on the right Horse, over the years many new technologies have come to light but nothing as everlasting and with as much sucess as USB. Its probably fair to say that our commitment to Quality Products as well as our constant pursuit of innovation, has made sure we are here today providing you with our latest product line-up.

We have watched and have been an active participant in the USB revolution. Since our USBGear.cominception back in 1999, USB devices have taken over all aspects of Computer and Mobile Device communication as well as interconnection.

Dear USBGear Visitor or Customer,

Since 1999, our company/website USBGear.com, has been committed to providing the best quality USB products. Over the many years Our continuing pursuit of excellence is our primary and unwavering focus and has led us to many new paths in the computer accessory market. We have grown to become a leader in USB serial communication sector as well as an Industrial USB adapter and COM connect device supplier to most, if not all Fortune 500 companies by now.

Whether you have been our customer for years or are a new customer, I want to assure you that our customers are our first priority as we make items that are specific to Your computer needs. We are here to provide you the highest quality of service!

Further, we will continue to invest our resources to better our products so that we will satisfy your needs and provide the best value possible. As a company, we recognize that the best way for us to achieve our own success is by helping you achieve success as well.

I want to extend our commitment to You to aid in that goal through our services and support. I'm proud and grateful for all we have achieved thus far with Your invaluable input in designing new and exiting products, and I am looking forward to sharing in our mutual successes in the future.


Our Sincerest Thanks, Rene Rozycki President